Making It Rain on Them Hoes

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Barack Obama has taken a clear lead in Iowa, the first democratic primary state in the 08′ presidential election. Hillary Clinton is losing ground fast with that “tired” old school political game. Obama also announced he has over $100 million in stacks behind his campaign.

We are feelin’ Ron Paul too but that nicca realistically doesn’t have a shot.

Click here to read our official endorsement of Obama.

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  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Good for him!! Thursday should be most interesting…to say the least.

  • Mocha

    Damn Hillary didn’t see him coming.

  • anonymous

    barack may be a good man who’s gaining alot of ground, but you all need to get prepared. Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president of the United States. I hope you all realize that.

  • anonymous

    america would rather see a woman running this country before a black man.

  • bellyflop

    thank you! im glad to see people know that ron paul is with it too. but yeah he doesnt have much of a chance. obama or paul are who america needs right now!!!

  • ronpaulisracist

    ron paul is not exactly black or queer friendly…..

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    anonymous, you may very well be right, but I think his progress is great and I hope he takes it as far as he can. What an inspiration for other young brothas who may one day want to run for president.

  • hmm

    Hate to tell you Anonymous, but if Hillary wins the Democratic nomination you can bet she will lose the general election in November. I know Hillary fans find this hard to believe, but she has a higher negative rating than anyone on either side of the process (over 50%). So Dems can take a chance and vote for Billary if they want, but they can look forward to four more years of Republicans if they do.

  • hmm

    It’s also sad that Reggie and Kim have over 100 responses and Barack has less than 10.

  • DR. FUNK


    barack may be a good man who’s gaining alot of ground, but you all need to get prepared. Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president of the United States. I hope you all realize that.


    Actually…NO I DON’T REALIZE THAT.I might add he’s looking/sounding quite presidential these days…and what foresight he showed a few months back when he suggested that were he running foreign policy he would consider taking action to stabilize PAKISTAN.

    That being said…I tend to lean towards ECONOMIC conservatives(TAX CUTS) who lay off social issues and are’nt afraid to bomb the crap outta’ our enemies.If he can get close to there…I might consider him.

    I could vote for a woman who ran on those guidelines.THAT AINT’ HILARY CLINTON.I know the NYT and every other left-leaning news org. has already crowned her…I’m just not reading those memos.I’m cheering for Obama to crash this coronation.

  • The Beatniks


    ron paul is not exactly black or queer friendly…..


    He’s not minority friendly either. He’s being OPENLY embraced and endorsed by several racist groups.

    UMMMM I would think we would want to be aware of that.

  • marv

    yo voy por barack el primer hombre de color sera presidente.

  • jaerisk

    ron paul isn’t racist people, one of his candidates for vice president is black, AND if you’re calling him racist because of the stormfront donation, he’s already addressed that, dude ain’t gona screen everybody he donates to his campaign…does Obama screen all his donations? If stormfront gave his ass one dollar you’re fooling yourself if you think he would return it. Ron Paul all the way some telling you not to vote for someone because they “can’t win” is not a valid reason not to vote for them. They told Dr. King to shut up because he couldn’t win either, um yea good thing he didn’t listen huh? research the issues homie. come on people google the federal reserve, the income tax is b.s. oh but “we” don’t care do we, as long as we get some free insurance and whatever other handouts we’re good right? What’s in it for us right? Ron Paul ’08 snitches.

  • JeanineJeanine

    Hilary who? Barak is going to win and it’s about time. The first President of the United States was a Black Man! A Moor named John Hanson. He served from 1781-1782 AD. Now 226 years later the legacy will continue.

  • jaerisk

    @Neka…you need to read the whole interview, he was actually gettin at the cops in D.C., he was saying it seemed they were only arresting black people, you got it twisted and need to READ it for yourself not take clips from what he said. Yo for real the dude ain’t racist the racist guy that gave him the 500 bucks said he KNOWS that Ron Paul isn’t racist he believes that strongly in the guy and what he stands for which is the constitution of the united states, yo obama and hilary wana go to war with Iran Neka sup with that? what about the fact that Hilary and obama are both cool with a north american union Neka? what about the fact that the federal reserve is a privately owned bank and that the majority of your taxes go directly to it’s shareholders making them richer Neka? what about the fact that the income tax was never ratified meaning their is no law on the books saying you actually have to pay an income tax Neka look it up and get back at me. Obama who? please google Ron Paul.

  • The Beatniks

    Jaerisk I’m sorry for you but I don’t know why any black AMERICAN would vote for someone who is HEAVILY endorsed NOT only by Stormfront but by various other racist groups. YOU need to do your research, and not anyone else.

    Does he have some good concepts? He just might. Perhaps he even does, but if you had a clue you would go to his website and read and understand his stand on race.

    You’re willing to vote for someone who is popular to the likes of Black and others because of money? WTF? What about values and what he will do for the country as a whole. Taxes aren’t the entire picture son. Ron Paul is nothing but a Judas with his “thirty pieces of silver.” Talk about selling your soul………

  • The Beatniks

    And free insurance isn’t a HANDOUT either. A teenage girl just died because of the way insurance runs unhinged in this country. A handout? Tell that to her parents.

  • Alrightythen

    Just think, do you actually think a black man will be president in this country, not right now anyway? Although, it may be looking good for Obama just for the primary. If you think this country is going to let him get pass that, you must be crazy??? Hypothetically, could this be a ploy of the anti-dems government to hype and rig Obama up and just to knock Hillary out of the way. Then the General Election comes, and who do they choose? …not Obama. Then we’re are stuck with another Republican who will further worsen us and this country. They edged Obama on to run for president just make less of a chance for Hillary. They knew she would be running. With Obama in the way, they knew chances would be high to knock Hillary out. Better vote Hillary!!!!!

  • John


  • NubianGoddez

    Go Obama, although I don’t think you have anything new to offer and is the same as them other clowns, I’m rooting for a brotha tired of yt runny this country in the ground. he can’t do no worse than the last 8 clowns.

  • reese



    Go Barack, make it do what it do baby!

  • jaerisk

    @The Beatniks…”You’re willing to vote for someone who is popular to the likes of Black and others because of money? WTF? What about values and what he will do for the country as a whole.” Okay I don’t follow you playa; I’m voting for someone who is popular to the likes of Black…wtf; anyway look you saying that maybe Ron Paul has some good concepts smh is so funny, you know what his “concepts” are? Follow the fkn constitution. We’re all created equal and given right by our creator, I don’t know how many times I’ve heard Dr. Paul say this. We aren’t several groups of people in the U.S. this isn’t lunch time in school, the black kids sit over there, the goth kids sit over here, the gay kis back there, we’re all american citizens, follow the fkn constitution wow that is a great “concept” huh You’re a smart dude after all.

  • M.L.G

    I am a Black small business owner. I do business with people (and not just white people) that I know don’t like Black people. Does that mean that I myself don’t like Black people? Don’t be ridiculous? Do I turn down their business? Do I not accept their money, and hurt myself financially? (That would be like burning down my own neighborhood. Who in their right mind would do something that stupid? Oh yeah…sorry.) Or, do I look at taking their money as a “got ya fool”! Of course, racist individuals and organization are going to gravitate towards a southern (by way of Pennsylvania) candidate who is a staunch opponent of illegal immigrant’s “rights” or demands in this case. Paul’s stance on illegals all but guarantees that they will. Obama and Clinton go too far the other way. They want to give 20M illegals amnesty. That would have a far more devastating affect on poor and undereducated Blacks (mostly) and all of us to varying degrees – than some piddly $500.00 check not being returned to some lost soul/s who don’t realize that Hitler was a punk who committed suicide like all cowards do when they’re about to be held accountable for the evil that they’ve done! Living in California I see and pay for services for illegals each and every day. People who, for the most part do not like or respect Blacks. People who by and large are not trying to become part of the fabric of our country, but are trying to force the complete change of that fabric all together to simulate that of whatever country they left. So, let’s call a spade a spade – shall we? Why is Paul’s perceived racism against Blacks any different than that of other politicians – if that’s the case? Believe me, if there were a bunch of illegal Spanish speakers (see, I didn’t single out Mexicans, but, well you know) drowning during Katrina – Bush would have reacted with a quickness! The newspaper article below addresses the subject from the Paul camp’s standpoint.

    Ron Paul will use white supremacist’s $500 to spread ‘message of freedom’

    By keeping a white supremacist’s $500 contribution, Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul will be taking that money away from someone with “small ideologies” and using it to “spread the message of freedom,” Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton tells the Associated Press.

    If supremacist Don Black thinks he can influence Paul, “he’s wasted his money,” Benton adds.

    The story of Black’s donation has been around for a while now — broke the news Oct. 25. Today’s AP story, though, underscores again the unorthodox nature of the Paul campaign since it’s safe to say most other politicians would have returned the $500.

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  • Ara


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