Over Half Of Black Americans Think Ferguson PD Officer Who Shot Michael Brown Deserves A Murder Conviction

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White Americans however…SMH.

57% Of Blacks, 17% Of Whites Think Darren Wilson Deserves A Murder Conviction

As with nearly every case of police killings of unarmed Black men, majority of African Americans call for justice while the vast majority of Whites believe there “must be more to the story.” Things are no different with the killing of Mike Brown. Via DailyMail:

More than half of black Americans think Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson should be convicted of murdering Michael Brown – compared to just 17 per cent of white Americans.

The results from a survey carried out by Rasmussen reveal a stark difference in attitudes towards the death of the black teenager, which has sparked riots in the Missouri city and across the U.S.

Nearly a quarter (23 per cent) of the 1,000 American adults surveyed believe Wilson should be found guilty of murder, while another quarter (26 per cent) thought he was acting in self defense when he gunned down the unarmed teenager in broad daylight on August 9.

But 57 per cent of black adults think he should be convicted compared to only 17 per cent of white Americans and 24 per cent of other minority Americans.

Of those who are undecided about what should happened to Wilson, most – 56 per cent – are white.

The survey results also show that black Americans are more convinced that the violent riots since the killing are legitimate outrage rather than criminal activity.

Police have said they fired tear gas and rubber bullets in response to gunfire, looting, vandalism and protesters who hurled Molotov cocktails over the weekend.

Exactly a quarter of all those surveyed said they believed the protests have mostly been legitimate outrage, whereas 52 per cent think the riots have been carried out by criminals taking advantage of the situation.

Among these, 54 per cent of white Americans and 53 per cent of other minorities think the violence is mostly down to criminals, compared to 35 per cent of black people surveyed.

In addition, black Americans are more likely to think the protests are legitimate anger.

As tension grows in Ferguson, the Missouri State Police and the state National Guard have been called in to help deal with the violence.

Of those who took part in the survey, 27 per cent believe the police have responded well, while a similar percentage – 28 – call their response ‘poor’.

The results also showed that black Americans were more than twice as likely as whites and other minority adults to rate the police response as poor.

And while 68 per cent of Americans say they have been following the new reports very closely, black Americans are far more likely to be following it, the survey revealed.

The racial divide apparent in the survey results is reminiscent of the trial of George Zimmerman, who shot dead an unarmed African-American teenager in Florida in 2012. Zimmerman was found not guilty at a trial last year.

This latest survey shows that eight out of ten black voters believe the system is unfair to minorities.

So essentially…Black people are the only ones truly concerned when a killing like this happens — and not even an overwhelming majority of us. Sadly, these numbers aren’t even a little bit shocking.

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