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Ester Dean is making some BIG moves in Hollywood..

Ester Dean Interview

Grammy nominated songwriter Ester Dean is continuing to pen hits for her the likes of Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna and is reprising her role on the big screen this spring.

Below BMI’s “Songwriter Of The Year” chats with BOSSIP about her new artist Jasmine Villegas, her role as funny girl Cynthia Rose in “Pitch Perfect 2” and gives her opinion on being a liberated woman in music.

 Tell us about some of the exciting new things you’re working on.

I’ve got [my artist] Jasmine V, she has a new song coming out with Kendrick Lamar. I love the song. You know sign somebody [to a label] because you’re like ‘okay I think this person is dope’ and then all of a sudden you became a real fan of theirs. I’ve seen the song and the video and I’m like, ‘This is really awesome, I really like her!’ Of course “Pills & Potions” by Nicki, I’m happy to be a part of that song.

Tell us about your role in “Pitch Perfect 2.”

It’s really good. They really put me in more roles this time, gave me more looks. They showed me a lot of love, it’s gonna come out next year and all the girls are back.

Which do you prefer more? The thrill of being on screen or sitting down and penning a song?

I enjoy the screen because the songwriting life is a very lonely one. You are in a room by yourself writing down your thoughts, you enjoy it and it’s fun yet when I do movies I’m in there with a bunch of people. We’re talking, we’re laughing, you got your hair and makeup people everyday. You talk to the all the actresses and become a family. It’s not a family in the music industry, everybody comes to you for one thing and that’s all they want. Of course you can go to a party because I’m not a partier. The only way I enjoy myself is doing something I don’t normally do for money. Being on a movie set just makes me indulge in the moment and you can do both at the same time so I got a win-win situation.

As of late women in music have been blasted for being overtly sexual like Nicki Minaj with her “Anaconda” cover and Beyonce with “Partition”, but what do you think? Is that part of their artistry and should they be free to do that?

I think however you want to artistically show yourself is up to you. What’s the difference between them and everybody else on Instagram. Everybody’s been naked from the beginning of time—Adam and Eve people! This is how they wanna express themselves, let them express themselves. Leave them alone! Nicki’s been showing her a** are you kidding me? This sin’t the first time we’ve seen her a**, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Beyonce’s a**.These girls are giving great music and performing their a**es off. I was just talking to Nicki the other day and I said, ‘don’t allow people to criticize you when you know you’re working so hard. Don’t follow the criticism, follow the joy.

Ester has also released two new singles; “Get My Dough” and “Twerk’n 4 Berk’n (featuring Juicy J)”. Both are available now on iTunes.

Check out the lyric video for “Twerk’n 4 Berk’n” below.



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