Is Magic Johnson a HO?

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Posted by Bossip Staff

We actually liked Magic before this sh*t. We thought it was suspect when we saw a video of Magic explaining why he is supporting Hillary Clinton.

Well, it was about the stacks, Magic is in talks for a $750 investment fund with a close Clinton supporter, Ron Burkle. Ron Burkle also owns some of Sean Jean so don’t expect Diddy to be supporting Obama anytime soon.

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  • Weeupgirl

    Is there a secret cure for HIV?

  • Nyeve

    He is a black man with AIDS…of course he a ho. smh

  • anonymous

    exactly, dalia. but on another note, i personally don’t believe magic ever had HIV. i think it was a publicity ploy to take attention off the fact that he cheated on his wife.

  • Weeupgirl

    It is better that Clinton wins….America would never allow a black man to be president….They didnt kill, JFK, his brother and bumped off his son…to allow Obama to lead the worlds super power!

    Seriously if you want those corrupt war mongering fascist out….as see some peace in the middle east…vote Clinton!


    @ Dalia, I agree. I am black & from the south. I am not supporting Hillary or Obama. I deal with issues not plantation politics.

  • A True Gem "The Last One Left"

    You mean this white women are paying these Black Men for support…I am shocked! No not really!

  • Weeupgirl

    I believe there is a cure for AIDS, and only those in the top can get a hold of it…Magic is one of them! Aids is about ethnic cleansing…..on the whole, why would those up the top who need to stop surpress the poor, 3rd world countries and black people…if Aids is kill them and us of prefectly fine!

    The man had HIV and has been cured of it!

  • lol

    New shows and yes, even a new lawsuit come with the territory of launching a new network.

    Author Staci Robinson is suing The CW, its owners and some producers for $40 million for allegedly stealing the concept of her unpublished novel to create the sitcom “The Game,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    The writer claims that in 2001, she had interviewed for a job as a writers assistant at Kelsey Grammer’s Gramnet Prods. when she gave a manuscript of her novel to “Game” executive producer Mara Brock Akil. The suit, filed Sept. 14, alleges that the series copies her premise and the characters in the book.

    She names the CW and its owners, CBS and Warner Bros., Akil and Gramnet as defendants. Besides the hefty monetary damages, Robinson is seeking a temporary restraining order to keep the network from premiering the show on Sunday, Oct. 1.

    Both the written and filmed versions center on a woman who is devoted to an NFL player, but wants to pursue her professional schooling. The show stars Tia Mowry as Melanie Barnett, who gives up Johns Hopkins Medical School in favor of a local school when her boyfriend Derwin Davis (Pooch Hall) is chosen as the new third-string wide receiver for the San Diego Sabers. Soon, however, she gets embroiled in the complicated life of being a player’s significant other. Brittany Daniel, Coby Bell, Hosea Chanchez and Wendy Raquel Robinson also star.

  • Weeupgirl

    Who said he is the only person? Just because he publically came out and said he has Aids…doesnt mean there are not others!

    is one really trying to tell me, a man made disease there is no cure for it?

  • A True Gem "The Last One Left"

    Speaking of Majic and AIDS

    Paul Mooney was like what kind of AIDS does Majic have FinicialAIDS, hell I want that kind of AIDS. he own burger shop,theatres, lakers, coffee shops, etc.

    Then he was like, the doctor told me Paul your neg. I said damn, then the Doc said Paul your Positive. I was like yes I am gone own me a STARBUCKS. LOL

    Paul Mooney is off da chain.LOL

  • wow

    u guys are exactly why black people should never be allowed to be president or even run for it…

  • imrightdammit


    I agree, NOT EVERY BLACK PERSON HAS TO SUPPORT OBAMA! Damn! And @WeeUpGirl, Magic STILL has HIV. Many people live with HIV for decades and still do well because of the advances in the treatment. If he took an HIV test, it would be positive and continue to be positive forever.

  • ANON

    Does he have to support Obama? Let people do what they want and stop forcing your political beliefs onto others. A vote should not be based on the color of a candidate’s skin!

  • dayg715

    @ weeupgirl

    that’s a good point. magic is rich. he can go overseas to Europe or somewhere, and get the cure, because, contrary to what people want to believe, AIDS ia government made disease, a billion-dollar industry. why give up all that money just to cure people and save lives? the US government doesn’t think that way. they are all about MONEY. and it is more profitable to treat a disease than it is to cure it.

  • Weeupgirl

    There is a part in Africa where many where suposed to have Aids…but couldnt catch it? (now I need to know how where people meant to have caught aids…unless it was delibrately injeted inside of them)…there was a programme where a scientific company wanted to experiment on these people for money..i.e delibrately inject them with Aids OFFICALLY…to see how it goes..this was years ago….IMO there is a cure for AIDS..but it is about ethnic cleansing and making money at this moment in time!

  • Chris Stokes

    the issue here is Magic has a business interest to support Hillary, can you people read?

  • Da R

    magic actually said that he was cured. that’s why i don’t believe he ever had it.

  • Weeupgirl


  • Weeupgirl

    so to chris stokes..not you da r

  • Weeupgirl

    Talking about Aids..if far more important than Clinton IN MY HUMBLE OPINION!

  • A True Gem "The Last One Left"

    @ Weepugirl

    Chris Rock once said”

    There is no cure in AIDS because there is no money in the cure,the money is being able to keep you alive not cure it. The doctors are still mad about all the money they lost with Polio. You don’t know too many people who have Polio, anyone feeling a little Polie, what they will do if find treatment to where you could live alot longer with it pretty soon people will come to work and say man my AIDS was acting up…but I took some Robtussin and I am all better.. LOL

  • CaliGirl

    Obama is not even black. The man was born in Hawaii, his mother is white, and his dad was a medical student from Kenya. His ancestors were never slaves and they never had to deal with segregation in the South. While all this should not matter, I think it is unfair that Oprah tries to pawn him off as being African-American by quoting MLK at his rally. The only reason she is supporting him is because she wants his dick. Oprah Obama has a nice ring to it. rofl.

  • anonymous

    all you black people talking about “support obama”, how do you know he won’t flip the script when he gets in office and become the biggest uncle tom in history?

  • Dalia

    Does it upset anybody else that when something happens, the white powers run to Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson?

    Somebody needs to tell them that these sell-outs don’t run anything except their shoes over.

    It is an insult to every black person when white powers assume that certain black people control the black vote.

    I HATE that sh*t!!!

    Every black person is NOT a Democrat and every black person is not a traitor for not voting for Obama.

    Vote on the issues; not color.

  • anonymous

    @ a true gem

    yep, and they said it’s the same situation with cancer, too.

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