Coupled Up For A Cause: Baby-Bumpin’ Zoe Saldana Convinces Italian Stallion Hubby Marco Perego To Take On Ice Challenge In Her Place [VIDEO]

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Zoe found a convenient way around taking cold water to the head…

Zoe Saldana And Marco Perego Take On ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Everyone has been hopping on board for the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for ALS. Zoe Saldana found herself a way to wiggle out of completing the challenge herself (blame the fetus) but got her swirly hubby to put that hair up in a bun and face the frigid water in her place. Watch:

Via MailOnline:

She has up until now kept mum about her pregnancy.

But Zoe Saldana proudly rubs her growing belly as she opts out of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, blaming her current physical state.

‘I obviously can’t do it myself,’ the 36-year-old says in a new YouTube video, giggling as she coerces her husband Marco Perego, 35, to take her place.

‘I nominate my husband to take on the challenge, and get rinsed by a nice bucket of ice water,’ she says slyly.

The camera pans to the Italian artist, who is seen sitting on a chair in paint-splattered trousers as he waves to the camera.

A man walks into the frame balancing a huge container of ice water, before dousing the long-haired hunk with it.

Zoe and Marco both shriek before he runs and jumps into the swimming pool.

She then nominates her Avatar director James Cameron, Salma Hayek, Ron Burkle, Aileen Getty and Francois Pinault to take the challenge next.

Awww, aren’t they just adorable together? Hopefully they’re really helping to keep the donations rolling in.

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