Keep Your Day Job: 12 Coworkers We Love

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Another day, another dollar.

Fellow Employees We Love

You made it down to the job, log into your social networks and put your earbuds in. Right before you start to check your email you see it’s cubicle appreciation day and somebody put donuts in the conference room . You get a couple glazed and you say hey, this job ain’t half bad.

Here are 12 people at work that we can actually stand.


The breakfast buddy

You haven’t even gotten in your seat good yet and they are already taking orders for coffee and pancakes from the breakfast spot. They know a lot of us won’t be getting started until we have a little caffeine and some nourishment.



The Avon lady.  Okay she might be selling Avon, or jewelry,  or candy for her kid’s school, Girl Scout cookies, or hair products or candles, but whatever it is, you don’t mind because it’s usually something you want.  Not the annoying person trying to hustle you, just the laid back person with the goods. Before Pinterest and Instagram boutiques, there was always that lady at work that was selling stuff.

Always at work. This person is always at work. If you’re running late they clock you in, if you forgot something at the desk they can meet you in the parking lot with it. They know everybody’s codes and can answer every question. They might be the office manager, the maintenance guy or a really cool manager. Whoever they are, they’re always there when you need ’em.



Always prepared. She did her homework. You forgot to send that fax, didn’t reply to that email and you’re not finished your presentation. Never fear, your awesome coworker is here! She knew you were slacking and had your back.



Always chillin‘. This guy is relaxed. He comes in, he does his job and he always has an even keeled attitude. No dramatics, no complaints, just a pleasant dude, about his business.

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    The scoop. This person has the inside track. Yes they are probably messy but they always know what you need to know. Who’s getting fired, who’s getting hired, who’s pregnant, who’s getting divorced, who’s getting a raise, who’s the new guy in the mailroom… This person has the news.

    Nice boss.  It’s always a good thing when your boss is calm and understanding. They always make sure the office is running smoothly and everybody has what they need. They’re probably the ones who put the donuts in the conference room and doesn’t even flinch when they notice you texting all day. As long as you’re getting your work done, they don’t even care.

    The fine one. This person is just attractive for no reason. Thy don’t even know you’re feeling them and they probably never will. It’s not a love connection, you’re keeping your hands off. It’s just a nice view to help you through the day.

    Tech support. Not the actual IT department but that friend on your side of the office that knows how to do everything so you don’t have to. From fixing the paper jam, to configuring your new bluetooth mouse or making that stupid light on the copier go off, this person is a whiz, And we appreciate it.


    The enthusiastic one. She shows up to the office just excited about life. Not so much so that it’s annoying, just enough to keep a good vibe going in the stressful times.  Their positive energy is a welcomed distraction from the BS



    Your drinking partner. Hopefully you’re not getting slizzard at your desk, but  if you like a toast every now and again, this person is always down for the after-work happy hour (or the lunchtime cocktail, but don’t tell nobody)


    Your team. These people may all work in your department or they are just the people you share the most common interests with. You can let your guard down and share with them. These are truly your work friends.


    Did you see yourself on this list? Are you a good coworker? Hopefully you did and if not, always watch yourself at work. Make sure you’re a good person to work with.





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