It’s Back to TV For Brandy

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Brandy’s going to be starring in a new show, This Little Piggy. Well, that’s assuming it survives the harsh process of public approval:

After great success with her show “Moesha,” Brandy may be returning to television for a new series with ABC, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The comedy pilot “This Little Piggy” follows two brothers and a sister who move back in together. Brandy will play the youngest brother’s diva wife.

You gotta keep those checks coming in and Brandy knows what time it is when it comes to TV. Hell, she’s probably still getting royalty checks from Moesha.

More Brandy below.

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  • Re (Gambit in 13 Days!)

    Hey, she looks very nice here! Those shoes…

  • **thickUMZ**

    she looks really nice…..brown is her color

  • ashlie


  • Sydney™

    Brandy looks very nice in this photo — that color suits her. Reminds me of her “Sittin’ on Top of the World” days. . . 🙂

  • the insider

    Brandy Looks GORGEOUS!!!!

  • stuffbetweenmytoes

    goof for her. brown is her color.



  • iolastar

    People tend to forget Brandy was holding down a tv and a successful recording career. Hell she was doing Cover Girl, Cinderella, touring, recording. I look forward to her coming out with a new cd though, she is too fab for what she released.

    One thing about they family they’re gonna make sure the checks keep rolling in.

  • Soulwoman

    Brandy is a good tv actress. I use to love Moesha.
    Yeah, people forget that Brandy was HUGE back in the 90’s.

    p.s. I like For the Love of Ray J

  • Yvonne

    I liked Moesha and I’m sure Brandy can pull off this new show. I wonder if Ray J will play the part of one of the brothers.

    Not liking the title of the show though I understand the concept for using it.

  • toucheaway

    HURRAY FOR BRANDY! Get it girl!

  • Marquis de Sade

    Well considering her driving skills, mayhap, they should call her new series “DEATHRACE 2009”.

  • Whatchaknoboutdat?

    I’m so glad that she is bouncing back and that I that hateraid and jealousy from folks is starting to subside.

    Quit hating ppl…. it’s bad for your health!

    ~Love ya
    C n. L.A.

  • danielle

    Brandy is one does artist he never gives up and i love her for that good luck on the new show and new albumafter all these years brandy is still the only artist i want my child to look up to!!!!

  • GoodKarma4Me

    @ RE
    Trust me Brandy nor the rest of the world cared what you said.

    I like Brandy, but the name of the sitcom sounds really wack.

  • Justtoomuch

    I am really loving those boots!

  • Justtoomuch

    Dayum! Ray J looking pretty good!

  • Queeney

    Uggg, Brandi, you are so iritatiting! She makes me sick….she sold herself to the devil, then got mad when the devil (the media) start scruitinizing her…well, NEWSFLASH no one cares about you!

  • Thatbitch

    Say what you want to about those Norwoods, but lord knows they stay on the grind. Brandy was the first of the young chicks to successfully hold down a hit show and a hit music career. She was the blueprint for Hillary duff, miley cirus and Raven simone. I’m happy she’s headed back to TV and I wish her success. And she’s on a major Network too, so good for her.

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals---Pimpin, Platinum style!!!

    I JUST realized her father is THE Norwood….the Gospel singer!!!!!


    does’nt brandy remind you of a freshly hatched baby dinosaur.


    @YAY you better preach it girl….She is truly an inspiration…I don’t get why people think she’s the enemy for being a human being..

  • Young Obama

    Nice Breasts Brandy.

  • sgkm

    Ummm, of course she’s still getting residuals (royalties). Why wouldn’t she?!? Actually, she’s probably getting more now, than when she was on the show!


  • Spiceema

    I can’t wait Brandy is actually a pretty good actress moesha was one of my favorite tv shows and yea she still is gettin paid from that because its in syndication same with the parkers because it was a spin-off from moesha. so she is gettin paid regardless. and she does look nice

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