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She’s very harsh and it’s probably because of the stuff she’s gone through in her life…”

Traci Steele Talks Tameka Raymond

After Traci Steele formerly of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” fame popped up on VH1’s “Atlanta Exes”, the DJ caught flack for once again “turning up” the drama and damn near coming to blows on reality TV.

Viewers were shocked to see that while Torrei Hart was relatively calm while arguing with her costar Tameka Raymond, Traci who was supposed to just be accompanying her friend to a charity event, had to be physically restrained by bystanders.

Now ready to set the record straight, Traci recently dished to BOSSIP about her temper, her “n***fied” argument with Tameka and confirmed whether or not she’s once again returning to television.

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What really happened between you and Tameka Raymond on the first episode of “Atlanta Exes”?

I watched it and was really shocked! So much of it was left out and cut out. It looks like Tameka was talking mess about me; talking about my nose, saying I got a big nose and then all of a sudden out of nowhere I snapped.

That’s not the case at all.

It was a gradual work up to the snap but you know that’s what TV is, they gotta get to it very quickly. So they took everything out and then it was Tameka called me “n***fied” and I tried to fight her. I actually didn’t even know what event I was going to. I was invited to an event but nobody ever told me it was a charity event.

When I got there I was like ‘oh she [Tameka] is selling clothes again, cool’ but there were only like four people. (Laughs) As soon as we got there she started going in on Torrei and that’s my home girl. Everybody is like  ‘why are you fighting her battles?’ That’s how I roll, if you my girl and somebody is saying something about you I’mma speak, I’m not gonna let that fly.

So she’s going in on Torrei and she’s starting to kinda belittle Torrei so that’s how it all went down.

The next day Tameka called me like, ‘Yo what happened why would you act like that at my charity event?’ And I said, ‘Charity event? I had no idea that it was a charity event.’

So then I apologized to her. If I would’ve known I would’ve bit my tongue and we woulda had a conversation another time. We woulda still had that damn conversation.

I’m that person that if I feel disrespected I’m not gonna sit there. I’m gonna put my purse down and I might take my shoes off. That’s how I am. You don’t love it, you don’t love it, you just gonna hate me.

You alright, just as long as you spell my name correctly.



Was there something in particular that Tameka said that put you over the edge?

It was more so everybody in the room. Tameka was like ‘can you get your girl and leave?’And everybody was calm and as we were exiting everybody [was] running their mouths. That’s what you do?! As we’re leaving? Okay cool. I’mma turn around and I’m gonna say something.

That’s how it all escalated. I don’t do well with disrespect, I don’t. I”m working on it, I”m gonna start counting backwards and rubbing my ears, ‘woosah’, I’m gonna sit on somebody’s couch and try to be a calmer person.

At the end of the day point blank period I don’t do well with disrespect. We walked in there, we had no intention of turning up [but] Tameka went in on Torrei from jump.

She was not nice. At the end of the day she’s kinda rude, she’s very harsh and it’s probably because of the stuff she’s gone through in her life. She’s been through so much that she’s very hard. It is what it is.

I apologized to her the next day and we had a very long conversation. It was the wrong place but (laughs) some popping off probably would’ve happened if it was a different location regardless. You’re not gonna talk to me reckless.


There was also a rumor that you were replacing her on “Atlanta Exes”…

I don’t even know where that came from.I had heard that she quit [but] she didn’t quit at all.

When she called me the next day she said ‘listen this is not something I want to be part of, I really want to push my foundation, I really want people to understand that I”m doing these things with these charities. That’s what I want to be seen as.

So she was thinking of [quitting], but she didn’t quit.


Are you doing anymore reality TV?

I’m really trying to fall back from that because everybody is on me about my temper. I used to love me and my temper but I think that right now I’m just gonna chill out  because if somebody come to me I’m just gonna be my normal self, I’m sorry.

I’m gonna keep it 100 and right now it’s not a good look to keep popping off all over the place.

I’m focusing on, I have so many supporters who are buying everything off my site. Shout out to all my Scorpios and hot tempered girls.



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