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Dave’s comedy act wasn’t very funny. In fact, it brought his wife to tears. The couple got into a nasty argument in front of his children after Dave slipped off to talk to model Geena Rocero. Wow, so the wife gets cursed out because you are a flirt? Nice.


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  • Bird

    Please rewrite this legibly so I can know what the hell you are talking about. What does that first sentence mean?

  • Dalia

    That’s a shame.

  • Bahama Mama is STILL sick :-(

    But I do get that he shouldn’t be flirt’n with other women specially when the kiddies are around…

  • mia

    What are you talking about? Please clarify. What comedy act? Why was it not funny? What about it made his wife cry? Come on now!

  • yell

    He was said to have a personal account on a millionaire&celebs online service ‘Meet Rich,com’ with his hot pictures and blog there. Quite a few hot girls and ladies wrote to him.

  • Reality

    Dave is next. I hope he has a pre-nup. Another instance where an entertainer gives financial security to a woman who then uses it to take care of her family for generations.

    Having babies and sleeping with someone for millions. Is that all it takes. At least he didn’t take the $50 million from comedy central. Had he should would have gotten half of that.

    Dave, cut your losses. The children will be ok that is all that counts.

    I wonder if Tiger Woods is getting it on a regular basis now that he has a child and his wife has a prenup that will make her a millionare for life. Is that blonde __ __ __ __ that good?

    Eventually they all go back to their own race…. after the money.

  • classysophisticatedchic

    If he was flirting in front of his wife and kids, that’s totally DISRESPECTFUL!!!! And on top of that, he cursed at her…..let her flirt with another man in his face and see how he like it! Enough said!!!!!

  • Darth Paul

    You can’t count on Page 6 to do any black person justice. It’s very convenient that the content of their argument isn’t discussed- they just zoomed in on the fact that his wife was crying and he spoke to a pretty woman afterward. I dismiss!

  • Mo'Ree

    these comments get more and more ignorant everyday… i’m gonna log in one day and it’s just gonna be owrgjl;gjaklgj;erlagjflgkla with various explatives here and their SMH

  • Avengerunlimited

    Maybe “According to page six…” should have started that article, so that–most of us could dismiss it out of hand.

  • Typical Sista

    Why Chappel wit her? Dont he like big black women?? I want some money too.

  • me that's who

    so that chick in the pic with him is his wife??????? lmao damn money really can buy you anything cause i just KNEW dave had a goon as a wife……..that was mean to say, lmao

  • British Black girl

    Her genes are STRONG..them kids look nothing like Dave..!!!!

  • Kurt Eric Munroe

    His wife looks like a cute Thai or Vietnamese-American. I think that Dave is a very cool guy. He makes a lot of jokes, but he is one deep brotha. I don’t think he’d slip like that.

  • Kurt Eric Munroe

    What I really like about that pic is how typically American they look. I mean Dave is rich as hell, but he and his wife seem to keep the family grounded in simple values. It is just good to see.

  • Bones Jordan

    @ Kurt, good comment man.

  • Leonie

    @ Reality for someone who calls themself reality

    This….”I wonder if Tiger Woods is getting it on a regular basis now that he has a child and his wife has a prenup that will make her a millionare for life. Is that blonde __ __ __ __ that good?

    Eventually they all go back to their own race…. after the money” is a pretty Ironic Statement

    I think you need to come back to Reality, everybody who dates outside their race comes back to their own, you know your stupid for that right!?

  • Soul Cry

    …that’s too bad…hope it’s not true. If it is, she needs to put him in his place.

  • Da R

    wow. i din’t know dave chappelle was part of the “sellout” club.

  • about it


    @Akimbo: she does look like she in control

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    She’s Filipino.

  • In a Rub-a-Dub Style A.K.A. Victorious

    The real question is…are those even his kids. They look more asian that Maddox Jolie-Pitt. He needs to get to DNA Diagnostics STAT!

  • imdone

    @Bird – cosign! That first sentence makes no sense given Dave C’s career. Horrible writing, and a non-story anyway.

  • GorgeousBlackWomen

    Oh honey. Don’t let him turn things around on you like that. She needs to go a little postal. It’ll keep him in check. You don’t pull that stuff on a woman who might just cut you in public.

  • Fit-n-Fab

    Someone just posed this question to me…

    Does anyone else think black (dark) men who look like Idris Elba, Michael Jordan, Seal, Reggie Bush (or pick your favorite dark cutie) will be extinct in the next 25+ years.

    If Black men keep having children with non-blacks, will there be a BLACK MAN?

    What do you think?

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