13 Celebrity Endorsements And Products That Made Us Say Hmmm

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13 Celebrity Endorsements And Products That Made Us Say Hmmm

A celebrity endorsement doesn’t always make sense to fans or make consumers want to run out and buy the product. Peep the list of celebs that made us blank stare when they unveiled relationships with these major companies.

Nicki Minaj – Myx Mascato

We don’t know anyone that actually drinks this wine cooler but Nicki’s card board cut-outs are fun to look at.

Beyoncé – Dereon

These jeans might actually be in the closet of a handful of regretful people. She’s still a very talented performer.

Nicki Minaj – Perfume

The bottles are hideous, and “Minajesty” doesn’t sound like the scent of a delicate woman but to each, their own.

Justin Bieber for OPI

What does a teenage boy know about finger nail polish? Naturally, nothing but it didn’t stop him from selling over a million bottles.

Waka Flocka for PETA

When Waka wasn’t busy going hard in the muthaf—ing paint, he was campaigning for people to not abuse animals. Weird candidate, but it worked out. We guess.

Terrell Owens – Carl’s Jr

When the checks stopped coming in, the ex NFL star helped advertise for Carl’s Jr.

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    Rihanna – Nivea

    “An iconic voice celebrating an iconic skin care brand”. One of those things is an exaggeration.

    Serena Williams for Tampax

    The ads from 2009 featured an angry Serena hitting a tennis ball at “Mother Nature”. It’s just uncomfortable thinking about what’s going on, ahem, under her tennis skirt.

    Kardashians – Kardashian Kard

    The Kardashians were contracted to release a prepaid credit card in 2010 but people grew outraged after learning about it’s extremely high fees and how it targeted teenagers. SMH, anything to make a dollar in that family.

    Brad Pitt – Chanel no. 5

    Brad being a man and Chanel no. 5 being a perfume did not stop this wacky business relationship from happening in 2012. He reportedly received 7.2 million for the 40 second spot.

    Rick Ross – Reebok

    Why did Reebok think an over weight man selling cross trainers would work?? Reebok dropped the “Bawse” after his questionable lyrics about happily date raping a woman caused public controversy last year.


    Mary J Blige – Burger King

    The 2012 ads with the singer singing skilfully about crispy chicken sandwiches were pulled after fans were outraged.

    Ozzy Osbourne – I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

    Ozzy doesn’t even look like te kind of guy we’d want around the kitchen. His ads with the butter substitute spread in 2012.



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