SMH: Utah School Lunch Manager Forces Special Needs Girl With Diabetes To Eat Pizza From Trash Can

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Special Needs Child Forced To Eat Pizza From Trash

The mother of Utah special needs student says her daughter was forced to eat pizza from a trash can.

Via ABC 13 reports:

Sierra Prince is a special-needs student in the 8th grade. On Wednesday, she says she asked for a piece of pizza for lunch but was told there wasn’t any left. When she asked a second time, a kitchen employee grabbed a slice from the top of a trash can and handed it to the girl.

“I didn’t really like the taste of it at all,” Sierra said. “It was nasty.”

Sierra is a diabetic with learning disabilities and says she only ate the slice of pizza because that’s what her aid and staff told her to.

“I didn’t want to eat it but I was dosed for pizza anyway because I’m diabetic so I had to eat it,” said Sierra.

“Sierra can’t make her own decisions on what she eats. That’s why they hired the helper,” said her mother, Nicole Cordoba. “Not only one person made the decision for Sierra to eat out of the trash, 3 adults did.”

Cordoba quickly complained to the school district who then sent an email to school employees reading in part:
“This was totally unacceptable. Your employee needs a reprimand and a discipline warning issued immediately. We never serve food that has been placed in a garbage can.”

Kimberly Bird, Alpine School District Spokeswoman, issued a statement to TV station KSTU reading in part:
“In this particular case, the lunch manager, not understanding everything, was told that pizza was what her insulin-that she had just received 15 minutes earlier, the (carbohydrate) count was for pizza. And her not knowing the particulars thought that was the only thing she could have and therefore made a poor decision.”

The lunch manager has since been placed on administrative leave. Cordoba now wants assurance it won’t happen to her daughter or any other child again.

“Just make sure our kids are safe. That’s why

we send them to school so they can learn and they’re safe. We don’t send them there so they can eat out of the trash can,” Cordoba said.

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