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Survey Reveals African Americans More Likely To Describe Themselves As Possessing Inner Peace

A new survey conducted by Strayer University as part of their Success Project initiative had some interesting results…

Strayer sought to gauge how people envision success and what successful people determined to be the winning ingredient. Ultimately, the school found that 90 percent of Americans define ‘success’ as more about happiness than power, possessions or prestige and that a strong/supportive family network is more indicative of success than ambition. That’s in stark comparison to the 1 in 5 Americans who say being rich defines success and vastly different from Merriam Webster’s definition of success, which is defined as “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame.”

Interestingly, they also found that:

  • When describing themselves, African Americans (41%) are more likely than Caucasian (30%), Hispanic (20%) and Americans of other ethnic/racial backgrounds (28%) to describe themselves as possessing inner peace.

Does that surprise you? We guess that describing yourself as having inner peace isn’t necessarily the same thing as actually possessing it BUT this is still good news.

Here are some other things the survey revealed:

Americans who consider themselves successful are significantly more likely than those who do not to describe success as attaining personal goals (69%* vs. 63%) and having good relationships with family and friends (69%* vs. 58%).

Self-described successful people report that having a strong/supportive family network (54%) is more indicative of defining a successful person than ambition (31%).

Americans with a college degree are significantly more likely than those without one to consider themselves a successful person (83%* vs. 74%) and report accomplishing most of their life’s goals (62%* vs. 54%).

Only 43% of American’s report having their “dream career.”

28 percent of American parents with children under 18 believe success means having their child(ren) earn a college degree.

Americans believe success is less about making a lot of money (21%) and more about attaining personal goals (67%).

Seven in ten Americans believe a successful person is best described as possessing a strong work ethic and being disciplined/focused.

Where do your beliefs about success fit in with these findings?



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