Not Engaged Just Yet

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OK! magazine is reporting that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are engaged, but sources close to Kim Kardashian exclusively tell Bossip that it has not happened, well not yet at least.

Kim on her soul food kitchen game:

“I’m the best cook! People don’t know that, but I cook all the time. My best dish is surprisingly my soul food meals. My fried chicken and my macaroni and cheese and my sweet potato souffle.”


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  • Dolla Bill

    Everybody loves a gurl who can cook….LOL

  • MiStYbLuE


  • Dalia

    And all this time I thought her specialty was something else.

  • DC Gal

    She is just so NASTY, but if the fool wants the nastiness then go ahead. I hope he catches all that she is going to give him. He is stupid just like all the rest of them.

  • Curly Fries

    Macaroni and Cheese is soul food? Does Kraft know about this?

  • sean ribeiro

    reggie thats whats up, i hope kim can work u back for next years football season. u know the haters will be on that ass. u gonna have to run for 2500 yards next year to get away from the haters!!! lmao

  • Damn

    He is SO DAMN FINE!!!!!!

  • Nita

    if she really can cook, then she might be a find under the annoying voice and plastic body after all. not everybody can cook, and if Reggie has her cooking — damn, they’re both sprung.

  • CJ

    This girl is a trip. First she buys a Black Girl booty, then she dates Black guys, now she cooks the food???? Obsessed…

    If only we loved ourselves as much as they love us.

  • Just Me

    Men love women who dont mind being women sometimes. Ie. being able to to do such things as cook. Usally or most men love women that know how to cook and actually do cook. Plus she is attractive.

  • yell

    Kim is so hot! She was said to have a personal account there with her pictures,blog at ‘Meet Rich,com’…In her friend circle, some other stars can be found there.

  • MiStYbLuE


  • E$

    I wonder why Ray J didn’t show the video of her cooking in the kitchen instead of the bedroom

  • Nita

    Curly Fries wrote, “Macaroni and Cheese is soul food? Does Kraft know about this?”

    Probably not. But I do know, it takes skill to get macaroni and cheese right. I’ve been to too many church functions where the macaroni and cheese wasn’t on point. Too soggy, too crunchy, not cooked through, burnt, the cheese to macaroni ratio was off. Not everybody can cook it. And macaroni and cheese is always on the menu at black picnics. Macaroni and cheese at thanksgiving… good eating, when it’s done right.

    So if Kim’s macaroni and cheese game really is tight, then she might have some virtues after all. I’m just saying.

  • QG&#@

    I would marry her too. All that ass and she can cook!

  • Ms. Sugar Walls

    OK….maybe she has had some friends..that showed her what real soul food was! BLACK people are not the only people that eat soul food! OPEN YOUR MINDS! Maybe, Reggie MOM..performed that ass off in the kitchen for KIM…who knows???

    I think that the picture up above is Cute! BODY language says a lot! She is comfortable in his big arms, and He feels like a man..when her smaller than his ass is in them! LOVE, or LOVESEX!

  • Bahama Mama is STILL sick :-(

    Curly Fries

    Macaroni and Cheese is soul food? Does Kraft know about this?

    ^^^^ MAN!!! u ain’t never had my momma or aunt’s mac and cheese *salivating at the thought, wipes mouf* what was i sayin?

  • elle

    good cooking is the key to evey bodies soul!!!!!

  • AND...

    See that’s what kills me about all these women get ass implants. Just get you some soul food to get that ass. Hey, look at these southern girls. We got that ass, lol.

  • jo

    Butt Injections for a round butt $7,000

    Leaked sextape that enables you to pose for KING

    Soul Food cooking lessons $5,000

    Being with a black Man PRICELESS.

    Dang, Kim K is trying hard. She gets an A+ for effort.

  • chi-town

    black poeple stop hating already!! if you watch her show you can see that she’s genuionly sweet and gorgeous!! so, why the hate? cause she likes black men? so what, there are millions more .. cause she taped herself having sex and sold it for millions? you dumb brawds should have done the same when raheem was all up in there FOR FREE!! that’s one bad chic and all yous are some fake a$$ broke cracked out ashy sandford and son [theme song] lookin azzes

  • Bahama Mama is STILL sick :-(

    I can’t see her behind a stove though…if that hot fat miss and plop on her boobies or her a$$ them suckas are gonna pop!

  • Just Me

    Cosign what Chi town@ 1042

    Yall just hating. Go drink some water to get all that hate out your system.

  • Zac In London

    She may cook that kind of food but she cannot be eating it with a figure like that.. lol

  • Bahama Mama is STILL sick :-(

    MTW i done said she be calling roscoe’s chicken and waffles…yup

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