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Bey is finally putting her foot down when it comes to her dad meddling in her business:

Beyonce Knowles is finally telling her manager and father, Mathew Knowles, to back off. Mathew has been Beyonce’s manager for years and is known to be a “stage dad” who complains to the media every time his daughter doesn’t get what she wants. He has rightfully earned the name “Daddy Knowles” and has insisted that his daughter be given writing credits on songs she had nothing to do with, except sing them.

Beyonce is riding very high right now thanks to her chart-topping album, I am…..Sasha Fierce. She has just announced a US Tour. The album and tour have received good reviews so far, thanks to Beyonce’s taking a stand against her father. It is rumored that Mathew Knowles wanted Beyonce to record a jazz record instead of the hit record she has now. It is also rumored that Daddy also wanted Beyonce to play venues such as Dodger’s Stadium in Los Angeles, Soldier Field in Chicago, and Giants Stadium in New Jersey and charge $200 – $400 a ticket. Most music industry insiders agree that tickets sales would have been disastrous.

Talk about celeb association. The mom, dad, and sister rode Beyonce’s limelight train into stardom and success. Leeches…




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