So Much Hate: The Craziest Divorce Revenge Stories Ever

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Craziest Divorce Revenge Stories Ever

Divorces can make people crazy. So crazy that they go through extreme lengths to ruin their exes’ lives. These are the craziest divorce stories you’ll ever see and it’s not even close.

Take a look and try not to make the same mistakes.

This husband bought this middle finger statue to put outside of his ex-wife’s bedroom window for her to see at all times.

This Cambodian man took 50/50 literally and split his house right down the middle.

One couple couldn’t decide on how to split the house so they built a wall in the middle of their house to keep them separate.

One woman in Japan got so angry that she hacked into her ex-husband’s account and murdered his video game character he’d worked on for a year.

One ex-husband in Canada got so angry about his divorce papers that he tried to dump a truck full of manure in their old hot tub.

When his wife left him and left the wedding dress, he used her dress for coffee filters, christmas tree skirts and other things. He even got a book deal out of it.

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    One guy tried to convince the judge that his marriage couldn’t end because it had already ended years earlier when he “died”…apparently his heart stopped briefly and his marriage didn’t count anymore. Brilliant.

    When a garbage truck driver was ordered to pay $3,000 in spousal support to his ex-wife, he turned all of their $500,000 of savings into gold and threw it in the bottom of the river.

    This man divorced his wife, put it on Facebook then came home and acted like everything was okay…for months. She saw the status and never bothered to ask what was up.

    This guy wiped his butt with his alimony checks before sending them in.

    When this guy was ordered to sell his condo to pay his wife $4 million, he tried to set it on fire. Instead, he blew himself up and killed himself in the process.

    Here’s a story out of a movie. When a man found out his ex-wife was a perfect match to receive his kidney to save her life, he stepped in and donated it to her.

    …Then when he found out she was already seeing someone else, he sued to try and get it back.

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