Keyshia Cole In a Love Triangle?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Ya girl Keyshia has been on the low since breaking up with Jeezy, but we’re hearing that she just might be dating two folks now. Get it girl:

Our source states: Keyshia’s dating Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Daniel “Boobie” Gibson and has been for a while now. She met Daniel on the 10th of March at the Clippers vs. Cavs game in L.A. and went out to Cleveland via her tour bus to be with him a week later. Keyshia stated that she would never date a basketball player in the newest issue of King so she’s been trying to keep it on the low. Fans have spotted her smooching with Daniel at a Cavaliers game.

BUT, Rumors surfaced this weekend that Keyshia is dating rapper, Maino. You know, the dude that sings that “Hi Hater” song. Our source states that Keyshia’s typically been a one man gal, but maybe she’s looking to play the field more.

We ain’t mad. When you’re the single bread-winner in your family, you should be able to get your freak on every once and a while.

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  • G_Smooth1

    Just wanted to shut down the 1st

  • something like a BIG DEAL

    correction she WAS dating two people at once but since this post it went back to zero…hi haters!!! lol



  • NY2CaliLVN

    she young and single she need to get it in b4 she have her kids um glad I had fun in my 20’s makes u a happier parent

  • Dr. Winkie

    well, she cant feed that expanding family all on her own forever, she gotta need/get support from somewhere.

  • john hope franklin

    @just sayin
    Yea i saw that earlier…als is no joke and since his diagnosis @ 23 he has been doing well to have survived this long…took lou gehrig out real fast…

  • http://Gmoney2u BMWdriver540i

    Momma Frankie must be so proud!!!!!

  • something like a BIG DEAL

    she’ll be alright…tell Maino that Boobie is a hookup for her moms (Frankie likes em tender)…and tell Boobie that you was just working on some music in the studio with Maino…lol…even if it’s 8 months down the road and the single still hasn’t dropped.

  • Chanel Shades

    Well since most men are only 25% man maybe she needs more than 1. Either way I dont give a dam.

  • bklyn

    Dam, manio … feeling manio

  • hi haters

    please got to keep men

  • hi haters

    2 men always


    What happened to Floyd Mayweather?

  • http://deleted Nappy, KInky, Curly, I love it all!

    It’s not a sin to date! I did when I was single, and I enjoyed every minute of it!

  • neko

    i fuked her last week….

  • nubian

    that’s right boobie…


    lol @Neko

    So what hell Y settle when u can select

  • something like a BIG DEAL

    lol@ neko
    lol@ nappy, kinnky, curly

  • always knew

    Keisha was treated really bad, by that Young Jeezy fellow. I;m glad that now she tking her time, I hope she’s just dating them both, but not screwing them. There’s nothing wrong with getting to know someone… Ya’ll are mean..Why don’t you all want to see Keisha happy? She’s been through ALOT, especially with Neffie and Frankie. She deserves some sort of happiness.

    Wishes of continued success and happiness! 🙂

  • Im so funny

    who cares if that woman is sleeping with the whole NBA…shih I would rather read a Neffie or Frankie story then read about Keisha boring azz. NEXT

  • soulwoman

    Keyshia just wants to be in the news. I was a big fan when she first came out but she is wack now.


    U go KC…’s always one man on here gotta call her a ho….cuz she doing what the do…..

    sometime i don’t think people read on here they just come on and comment….^^^^

  • natureboy601

    Who ever bangin her is lucky, this chic is hot! wooo!


    @something like a BIG DEAL

    correction she WAS dating two people at once but since this post it went back to zero…hi haters!!! lol


  • Soul Ese

    Keisha holla at me and you can have a love square

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