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Someone in this equation is lying…

Biological Father Of The Game’s “Daughter” Madison Addresses The Rapper On Social Media

The newest addition to The Game’s family, a little girl named Madison, has been the source of a lot of controversy and conversation on Instagram. The California rapper has already taken to Instagram multiple times to clarify the near-instant father/daughter connection he made with the little girl when they met earlier this summer, and has showcased the many trips and gifts he’s lavished her with since claiming her as his own child.

A few weeks back, another Instagram account popped up run by a man claiming to be the biological father of Madison, and posting recent pics of the young girl to prove that they do indeed have a relationship (or at least had one prior to The Game coming into her life). He addressed The Game directly via Instagram on Wednesday:

We have to question the validity of all this just a bit. If The Game has essentially kidnapped this child (she appears to live in the same home as him now) wouldn’t it be more effective to attain custody or at least establish boundaries through the court system…or hell, even just speak to the man and the child’s mother face to face…rather than taking to social media??

Then again, we don’t know the extent to which The Game may be going to keep this man away, nor for what reasons. Your thoughts Bossip fam?




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