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Looks like Al-Qaeda is not impressed with the turnaround our country is doing under the helm of President Obama:

The deputy leader of al-Qaeda accused the US of continuing to kill Muslims around the world according to excerpts said to be from a new video statement. “The new President Obama did not change anything of the image of America towards Muslims and the oppressed,” Zawahiri said. Excerpts from the video were released by SITE Intelligence, a US-based firm monitoring terrorist propaganda.

“It is America that is still killing Muslims in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan,” the al-Qaeda’s number two continued in the video that was released on Sunday. “It is America that steals their fortunes, occupies their land, and supports the thieving, corrupt, and traitor rulers in their countries,” Zawahiri said. “And consequently, the problem is not over. Rather, it is likely to deteriorate and escalate.” Since his inauguration, President Obama has made determined efforts to rebuild America’s reputation in the Muslim world, after years of hostility bred by the Iraq and Afghan conflicts and perceived support for Israel. He has made overtures to Iran and earlier this month told the Turkish Parliament that the US was not at war with Islam.

However the statement from Zawahiri said: “America came to us with a new face, attempting to fool us with it; a face that calls for change, but to change us, so that we give up our faith and our rights, not to change their crimes, aggressions, thefts, and their scandals.” The international military efforts in Afghanistan would end in defeat as the Soviet armies had been defeated in the 1980s he added. Zawahiri, a 57-year-old Egyptian-born physician, is wanted by the US authorities for murder and conspiracy to murder and has a £17 million ($25 million) bounty US bounty on his head.

Well, ALL change won’t be visible in the first 2 months.




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