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Yup, we’re calling it. It’s only a matter of time before J-Hud snags a Tony. In her exclusive interview with the new Livesteez, Jennifer opens up about her Broadway aspirations, non-obsession with the gym, and the pressure to ALWAYS give an oscar-worthy performance:

LIVESTEEZ: Okay, so you’ve effortlessly scored an Oscar and Grammy Award in the blink of an eye. Is it safe to assume that someday you’ll try for a Tony?

Jennifer Hudson: I would love, love, love to do Broadway. I have always wanted to do Broadway, definitely. Whether or not I win a Tony is different. To be honest I really don’t take on a project thinking ‘oh, if I choose this role I could win an Oscar’ or ‘yea, this single is going to get me a Grammy,’ you know? That’s not the attitude I would take to the stage or any project I pursue. Really for me, it’s all about timing. When the time is right I’ll be where I need to be, when I need to be there. I feel like I’m in the right place at this point of my career. So to answer your question, yes. I would love to do Broadway but when the time is right.

LIVESTEEZ: Okay, we must know, with a demanding tour schedule, how do you keep your diet and exercise in check? Do you regularly hit the gym?

Jennifer Hudson: You know what? I’m not a fanatic. I’m not obsessed with being in the gym. But I really just watch what I eat. I don’t eat fried food or red meats. I keep it pretty simple. Like, instead of eating something with a ridiculous amount of sugar or packed with carbs, I’ll eat yogurt and some fruit and that’s what I like to eat. My mini-fridge in my dressing room is filled with yogurt and strawberries or grapes or vegetables. I really pay attention to the labels on food too, it’s scary the amount of ingredients that go into a simple can of juice. I’ll drink water with lemon juice instead. Sometimes I feel a little edgy and add a packet of splenda and there you go, lemonade. [Laughs]

LIVESTEEZ: Well you seem to have nailed the technique, literally stepping into an Academy Award with your first film role. How does that impact your choice in future endeavors? Do you feel pressure to cherry pick your next role?

Jennifer Hudson: Well I think that—winning an Oscar does set the bar to a certain standard. Um, whatever I do, I will always do my best to represent the Academy. Halle Berry was telling me not to get caught up in the idea that I have to pick an Oscar role all the time. So it does affect the way I choose my next role but it doesn’t dictate my decision, you know?

LIVESTEEZ: Is there any anybody in Hollywood that you’d like to work with? Or anything you want to do artistically that you haven’t done yet?

Jennifer Hudson: Hmm, that’s such a hard question! [Pause] Give me a minute to think about that one. [Pause] As far as music, Whitney Houston is a definite. Prince, he can produce or arrange a song—he can sing on a track—I don’t care what he wants to do. [Laughs] He’s one of my favorite artists so I have to say Prince. Jamie Foxx, I want to do a “Just Like Me” remix, that would be cool! Film, hmm, Will Smith. I would like to do comedy—a comedy would be fun. Ahhh, that’s such a hard question because I’ve been blessed to work with so many people. I really can’t name everyone I’d like to work with right now. I need to think about that one.

Read the full interview here.


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