Time To Freak Out: 12 Things You Need To Know About Terrorist Group ISIS

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12 Things You Need To Know About Terrorist Group ISIS

ISIS beheaded yet another American and everyone is getting worried. Who is ISIS? What do they want? Here are some facts about the group and what it means for us.

1. Their Leader Is Abu Bakr al-Baghdad – He was born in Iraq in 1971 and is a former Al-Qaida affiliate. He’s public enemy #1.

2. What Do Rappers Have To Do With It? – Apparently, one of the guys involved with the first beheading was a rapper out of the UK. It seems as though ISIS has recruited people in Europe and the US.

3. How Big Is Their Army? – They seem to have upwards of $100,000 soldiers already.

4. Why Are They Mad At Us? – Long story short: it’s a response to the 2003 Gulf War. Not the best look.

5. How Dangerous Are They? – According to all of the White House press conferences, ISIS is way more dangerous than any other terrorist organization we’ve ever seen.

6. Are They Here? – The tweet above is from an ISIS account saying that they are in Chicago, targeting that city. They see the city as Obama’s headquarters and have said they want to strike there first.

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    7. What Is Their Goal? – They want to create an Islamic state across Syria and Iraq.

    8. Is This Another War? – Obama has sent in some troops and it’s a possibility that we’ll have to go in with more.

    9. What Are We Doing? – The US is conducting limited air strikes on ISIS camps.

    10. What does ‘ISIS’ Stand For Anyway? – It stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

    11. Who’s Funding ISIS – There are plenty of US enemies out there but there is suspicion that allies are pitching in. They’re also making money by ransoming captives to other countries.

    12. What Makes Them Evil? – ISIS has frequent public beheadings and executions of children. They have apparently created a terrifying environment for people under their control.

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