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Obsessed hit theaters on Friday, and Idris Elba says that although the film ended up being great, Beyonce’s controlling team hindered their progress in the beginning:

Connecting With Beyonce…
“I think this was a very important role for her, because it was the first time she wasn’t playing a singer. But when we first started taping, it was difficult for us to really connect as artists because she has such a huge machine behind her. So in the early going it felt divided … almost like it was her and her team on one side, and everyone else on the other. But once the cameras started rolling, she really opened up and those walls began to fall. As a result, I really saw her grow as an artist, and I think you’ll be able to see it as well when you watch the film.”

Elba’s take on the film receiving a PG-13 rating …
“The process of making a movie with Beyoncé was unique, just because she’s such a huge superstar. So when I first looked at the script, I thought the film could have and probably should have received an “R” rating on subject matter alone. But Beyoncé has such a responsibility to her younger fans that I believe it was necessary for them not to try certain things because of that responsibility.”

Damn. Even sexual chocolate referred to her team as a “machine.” Who’s planning on going to see Bey kick some pseudo ass on Friday?

Check out this surprisingly good performance of like 50 chicks in Piccadilly Square in London doing the “Single Ladies” routine. Apparently they were shooting for Trident.




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