Rep Claims Kells is a Scapegoat

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Posted by Bossip Staff

A representative for Robert Kelly makes a statement on Ne-Yo’s suit against the pied-pedo of R&B:

“The idea that R. Kelly had anything to do with Ne-Yo being dropped from the Double Up tour is just plain silly. As we said at the time, Ne-Yo was dropped because of a contractual dispute with the tour promoter, and in fact Ne-Yo is not suing Kelly but only the promoter. Ne-Yo may think blaming the situation on R. Kelly will improve his chances of collecting from the promoter, but if he does, he is sadly mistaken. Anyone remotely familiar with R. Kelly knows he is confident enough in his own abilities to be happy to share the stage with enormously talented people – the more talented, the better.”

Who really gives a rat’s ass.  We’re just anxious to see what will become of R. Kelly after his pedophile trial.


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  • Baby Please

    Stop it.

  • yell

    ISt! He was said to have a personal account on a millionaire&celebs online service “Meet Rich,com” with his hot pictures and blog there. Quite a few hot girls and ladies wrote to him.

  • AngelycAries

    No matter what R Kelly still had a hand in it and should show some responsibility. I saw no remorse from him if Neyo was forced to leave.

  • MiStYbLuE


  • Lady Architect

    Everyone who knows RKelly knows how he is on tour….Jay even said he acts that way and thats why their best of both worlds tour went down hill…Besides all of that I agree with the rest in saying when are they gonna lock him up for the nasty ish he does.

  • lisa

    he is my favorite. I am his big fan. Is he single now? Just curious. I saw his profile on millionaire dating site last week.

  • MiStYbLuE


  • Lady Architect

    I feel you mistyblue…everytime I hear a song of his I have to turn the station cause I’m just imagining him talking to a little girl….I still have yet to hear this man deny what he is.


    does anyone else hear his songs now (old ones) and get a totally different message from them??

    it’s like he’s been saying it out loud that he likes little girls. he hasn’t tried to hide it from anyone.

    no denials at all.

  • Alana

    I love R. Kelly’s music. I don’t know him personally so I’ll leave that part alone. We don’t know a lot of celebrities personally, but we support their art. Now there is a tape of Kells getting freak nasty with an underage girl, is it safe to say the girl wasn’t a virgin the way she was moving and grinding? I’m not saying she’s completely at fault because the adult is, but and there is a but have you been to any of these elementary, middle, and high schools young girls have a misson, again the adult should never cross the line. We support a lot of celebs that do coke, that are bi and homosexual, again we support their art, not them personally. Turn the station when you hear Kells, but many adults whether you like it or not are going to like, listen, and do what they want to do, even go to Kells concert because they can separate the art from the “freak”. Just like they do with Woody Allen, Nick Cage,Michael Jordan/gambling, Black professional athletes that date only latina’s and white women-they focus on the talent. Ne-Yo, is suing the promoter, not Kells, but from the headlines you wouldn’t know.

  • Big Fred

    I want someone to explain to me why is every on here seems to be coming at kell’s negatively. Ne-yo was the only one that was let go from the tour not keyshia cole or So do the math if R.kelly was such a horrible person to go on tour why are they still on the tour? Ne-yo had his own issues fish boy needs to fall back and go after the promoters he should keep r.kelly’s name out of his mouth simple as that.

  • THE POINT IS....

    People are like sheep lead them and they will follow. The headliner of tours are usually BUTTS and MOLESTA is an ahole…this is the 2nd tour with drama from his lowdown azz.

    ANYWHO…those who support his concert and go on tour with him get what they deserve.

  • Momo


    I completely agree with you. RKelly is a talented musician – when he’s ain’t on some bs. You never know which one of your favorite artists is doing dirt until the media brings it to light.

  • cmimback



  • GorgeousBlackWomen

    Alana, no, I do not financially support any celebrity who does anything I find that offensive. Whether the girl is a virgin is so irrelevant and the mention of it at all signals a major problem with how this society deals with pedophiles. He is no different to me than any of those men on TCAP. I do NOT support Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, etc. If I’m against the way an artist spends his/her money, whether it’s doing drugs, dog fighting, wearing fur or whatever, to me, it is an obligation not to add to their means.

    An artist’s sexuality is irrelevant to me. I don’t perceive homosexuality to be wrong.

    I can’t say if it was jealousy at play here. I haven’t followed the case. I wouldn’t be shocked though considering R Kelly’s divo crap on past joint tours

  • haroldmaude

    ‘Rep Claims Kells is a Scapegoat’ …He also appears to be a pedophile.

  • memchee

    love kelz’s music, don’t get me wrong.

    BUT, his asses needs some serious time in jail for what he did!!!!!!!!

  • Ro Ro

    R Kelly Rep know he lying his ass off. “R Kelly is confident enough in his own abilities to share the stage with any artist??” “The more popular the better??” I think not. This must be a new rep cuz I remember R Kelly’s scared ass running off the stage in New York when he was performing with Jay Z….what was that lame ass excuse they used that time?? Oh yeah….. Someone in the audience pointed a gun at him. Ooohh yeah…that’s confidence.

    R Kelly knows that his time is running out. He trying to stack as much dough as he can to buy off whoever he needs to so they can drop this pedophilia case he got hanging over his head.

    R Kelly is a loser and the faster he admits that the better off we will ALL be.

  • Ro Ro

    I agree with u Bored @ Work….

    But the reality is I always thought R Kellys lyrics had a hidden meaning. There is that one song he did that America as a whole loved…(sorry can’t think of the title LOL) but in that song R Kelly talked about some inner struggles…He spoke about being one way but having to hide and act another way. I wish I knew the name of the song. If I remember I will put is on here…but anyway. All artist use their music as an outlet. Some are up front and open with the lyrics but others mask them…but they are always present if you listen.

    No matter what, R Kelly does have skills. I do feel personally that he gets out of hand with some of his music…. U remind me of my jeep (hated it), In the Closet (hated it). Bottom line R kelly is human and we all have secrets that we would never want to come to light. Unfortunately his did and he has to pay. Who he is and how many Grammy’s, money or whatever should not matter.

  • Michael Drummy

    By trying we can easily endure adversity. Another man’s, I mean.

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