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What do these two have to fight about???

Drake And Taz Exchange Heated Words In Miami’s Club Cameo

Drake and OVO artist PartyNextDoor hosted Cameo in Miami on Tuesday night. All was going well initially as the rapper and his entourage filled out three VIP tables courtesy of Varsity Lifestyle Group.

Trouble started to brew when Cat, member of Tazs’ Angels (a group of Miami “socialites” that make constant club appearances) got on the mic and accused the Toronto rapper of “not messing with Taz’s Angels.” What exactly she felt Drake needed to do with and for them is unclear…

True to form, our sources say Drake felt some type of way about Cat’s harsh words, and jetted over to the Angels’ section to confront their owner Taz personally. Witnesses say words were loud and heated between the two, with aggressive hand gestures and stances being taken.

It’s unclear what agreement they came to (perhaps Drake agreed to “book” a few of the Angels on Taz’s terms?), but the altercation was over nearly as quickly as it began, and the Angels went back to doing what they do best — guzzling bottles and twerking on random surfaces:

We guess all’s well that ends well. What do you think that exchange was really all about???

Peep more pics from the party below:

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