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  • Lady J


  • Golden Goddess

    wtf did they do to President Obama’s pic??

  • Ms. Brilly

    @ golden goddess

    it’s supposed to be a white man with an Obama mask (the mask ties around the ears and the white man is holding the chin part).

    This sounds like an interestind documentary


    how about we let him govern before we decide that he will disappoint. he is just one man, he won’t change the world and the government as we know it. but that does not mean that he won’t try his best to do his best for his country and ALL of the people who live in it.

  • Glok9n: The real glok !!!

    LADY J!

  • Hope

    That’s why no one takes either of those two seriously. The man has been in office for less than a 100 days and they’ve already declared him like everyone else. I say look at his record and give him a chance. He never said he was a revolutionary or a militant and if KRS believed he was one, then he wasn’t listening. Just some more stupid negroes acting like crabs in a barrel.

  • c from stl

    @About it

    That’s exactly how I felt. There was very little proof of anything and most of it was sensationalized speculation. I’m not saying that it didn’t have any substance or supporting evidence, but the proof is in the pudding called TIME….

  • About it

    @c from stl:

  • tscombo

    Anybody who didn’t trust the Government or International Bankers before and thinks that Obama is going to change all of that is seriously blind. This left vs right stuff is just a distraction.

  • Quantum

    There are some who believe most anything presented in a written format. And even more believe, if the format is audio-visual.

    Griff/KRS-One= Hype

    Give Mr. Obama the same chance to screw up, that every other President has enjoyed. My guess is that his intellect will shine through moreso than any negative attributes that he has displayed….

  • Afroo ameerrrican

    people dont know that barack is the prototype of ilumnati they are just using him to get votes from black people and latino people cuz people in the ghetto didnt co sign on any white president before but know they vote just because the skin color of obama. obama is a fraud he will show you he has done nothing and will not do anything just like bush hes a fraud its all about HYPE

  • enkogkneegro

    Everytime I see KRS1 that nucca he looks more and more cromagna……

  • EccentriXXX

    Obama is nothing but a puppet. He’s ain’t gonna save you negoes, so wake the phug up. Obama is trying to make volunteerism mandatory just like Hitler did.

    Obama has some extremely evil people behind him. After 8 years of Bush, the elite mafia needed to put someone like Obama in office because he’s adored by the mass – both nationally and internationally.

    Wake up, black sheeple and get the phug out of the Democratic plantation. You’re being lied to.

  • Neosoleluva

    I agree that we have to wake up. The president is already chosen before we even vote.

  • MayMay

    And for all yall talking about do some research and all that bullshit, for the next 50 years yall will be complaining about the same shit. I guess yall will be satified when the white house is back white…forever.

  • LaLaJellyBean

    killuminati thats for sure..i was always a skeptic

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