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Both of these two were in the wrong fields of work. Phil Markoff here, the medical student, killed off the masseuse pictured, Julissa Brisman:

The Boston man charged with killing a Manhattan woman he met on Craigslist said Phil Markoff’s motive was to rob his victims in order to pay off gambling debts, authorities said. Investigators told ABC News today that a search Markoff’s home also turned up guns and plastic ties – the same ones used to bind all three women. “Detectives are aggressively pursuing a number of promising leads,” said Boston Police Department spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll, refusing to comment on the plastic cuffs.

Law enforcement sources did not detail how much money Markoff owed, but told ABC News that he wanted to rob the women in order to pay off bookies. Markoff’s fiancee, who lived with him, claims police busted the wrong man, saying he “could not hurt a fly.” The 22-year-old medical student doesn’t appear to fit the murder-suspect stereotype police have dubbed the “Craigslist killer” – the preppy, clean-cut medical student who’s engaged to be married in August. But police said he robbed two women he met through personal Internet ads on Craigslist – killing Julissa Brisman, a masseuse, in an a Boston hotel.

Markoff has been charged with murder in the April 14 shooting death of Brisman, 29, at the Copley Marriott Hotel. He was also charged with armed robbery and kidnapping in an alleged attack on another woman on April 10 at another hotel, according to the Boston Police Department. Markoff was arrested after cops pulled him over on Interstate-95 just south of Boston. His fiancee, Megan McAllister, told ABC News the police are wrong.

“Unfortunately, you were given wrong information as was the public,” McAllister wrote to ABC News in an e-mail. “All I have to say to you is Philip is a beautiful person inside and out and could not hurt a fly! A police officer in Boston (or many) is trying to make big bucks by selling this false story to the TV stations. What else is new?? Philip is an intelligent man who is just trying to live his life so if you could leave us alone we would greatly appreciate it. We expect to marry in August and share and wonderful, meaningful life together.” But cops said they tracked Markoff down using hotel surveillance videos. In photos taken from the cameras, the man police have been seeking in connection with the crimes appears to be fixated on a BlackBerry. Investigators said that Blackberry is what led them to Markoff. Mike Dye, a friend, told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that he had Markoff over to his apartment for many parties, including the Super Bowl. “I like to think I’m a good judge of character, hang out with people who are similar to myself,” he said. “Didn’t suspect anything like that.” Markoff’s Facebook profile, for instance, lists hundreds of friends who attend schools in Boston and upstate New York. Even the Web site set up by Markoff and his girlfriend – once littered with greetings and well wishes from family and friends – is filled with cruel postings directed at the alleged killer. The site had detailed how the couple met when McAllister was a senior at SUNY Albany and Markoff a sophomore. Their wedding date was set for Aug. 14.

Markoff’s arrest came just hours after Rhode Island police released new pictures of the man they believe is responsible for the attempted robbery of a woman at a Holiday Inn in Warwick last week.Police in both Boston and Rhode Island have said they believe the attacks may have been carried out by the same person. Boston cops are working with police in Rhode Island to determine if the cases are connected.

Brisman’s death is the second in a series of crimes against women who police say advertised on Craigslist. The first happened April 10 at the Copley Square Westin hotel in Boston. Police say a woman who had advertised exotic services on Craigslist, was held at gunpoint, bound and robbed of $800. Four days later, Brisman was killed at the Marriott, just next door. Last Thursday night – an hour south in Rhode Island – there was a similar attempted robbery. Police said all the women were tied up and threatened at gunpoint. It is believed that Brisman may have tried to resist her attacker as he tried to tie her up and was shot.

Well we all know the kind of massages she was doing and he was into getting, free of charge. SMH


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  • Me No Likey

    Nutt and the woman defending him is a Nutt as well

  • bobbi

    how could you throw away a bright future to slum it in prison??? i don’t get it….

  • Dr. Winkie

    and the moral of the story is: sort out your addictions y’all before they get outta control.

  • Lady J

    These type of people mingle in society, hang at super bowl parties, go bowling…but they are diabolical in their actions….beware….

    1. having the qualities of a devil; devilish; fiendish; outrageously wicked: a diabolic plot.
    2. pertaining to or actuated by a devil.

  • Me No Likey

    @ Lady J, I said he was a NUTT and that covers everything.

  • Lady J

    @ me no likey…Not exactly… a “NUTT” is easily identifiable….Psychopaths can have dinner at your house and eat your liver for dessert….

  • Me No Likey

    @ Lady J- A Nutt covers the whole spectrum…bottom line a sane person gets a second job to cover debt, not rob/kidnap/or kill people.
    Anytime someone does something evil- then they are a NUTT and it dsnt matter the degree

  • Lady J

    ok me….just trying to enlighten people…improve their knowledge and education….you can do ebonics too; some people understands that better…

  • samech

    whether he was caught or not- I am still going on there…. CL is where I found my job

  • http://Bossip Lynda

    The Boston man charges with killing a Manhattan woman he met on Craigslist authorities said Phil Markoff’s motive was to rob his victims in order to pay off his gambling debts ok Marc B Honey

  • About it

    @ Glok: Tell da truth!
    Now, notice how he is described as “preppy” as opposed to diabolical.
    Notice how his medical school enrollment is emphasized.
    Notice the absence of the words, “psychopath”, “social deviant”, or
    even “troubled” are missing.
    I don’t know y’all, ya think it is cuz he white?


    @ Lady J…..YOU SAID:
    ok me….just trying to enlighten people…improve their knowledge and education
    ….you can do ebonics too; some people understands that better…
    Precisely. And well said….

    The attempt to explain facts to some of these morons.
    WOULD be the equivalent of Einstein, trying to explain the Theory of Relativity to a rooster.
    It is an act in futility.

    SO do not waste your time.

    Ignorance can be fixed.
    However, stupidity is permanent, and terminal.
    And even worse, contagious.

    One must limit one’s exposure, to these unfortunate types of humans…ARTOFWAR.

  • Drea

    What he did was wrong BUT are these women who are offering massages online going to be charged with prostitution? The women here in Rhode Island met up with The Craiglist Killer after she danced at a strip club.She met with him to give him a massage and the reason she is alive is because her boyfriend was in the hotel room next door and overheard the struggle.

  • lipslikesuga

    I will not be staying at that hotel again! I had my 23rd birthday there! Goodness Boston is city of murderers all of a sudden! I will be in the house this summer!

  • damn

    I am so glad this killer was not a black man. He be tried in the court of public opinion and called a thug. There is no way a white privileged boy could have done this..crimes by black males and crimes by white males have huge double standard on how they are reported

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