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The Jay-Z and Apple record label collaboration rumor has hit mainstream waves:

There’s an intriguing rumor floating through the web this morning that Apple is getting into the music business. But this new rumor is something totally different: That ousted Def-Jam CEO and star rapper Jay-Z is about to create a new recording label with Apple Inc.

You gotta respect the man’s business swag.


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  • Bahama Mama wants her hubby back FREE HUBBY!!!

    this rumor has been around even when he was still with def jam

  • Stringer Bell

    You knew this man had a ace up his sleeve.

  • getyourhandouttamypocket


  • Dalia

    More Jay-Z.

  • Bahama Mama wants her hubby back FREE HUBBY!!!

    and if it’s tru it’s a good thing superhead is already off the market….lmao

  • Caps is Where its At


  • Bahama Mama wants her hubby back FREE HUBBY!!!

    so sorry @ getyourhandouttamypocket


  • gdsf

    Who cares?

  • kiki

    he’s genius! good 4 him!

  • Bankable P

    i didn’t know Jay-Z was no longer with Def Jam. Been a while since i’ve been on this site. SMDH!

  • Black hand

    Online music is bad for everyone. first off online record labels are not hard anybody can start a label and second the Internet has become the Major label in a way.. artist shouldnt be looking to be signed anytime soon.

    The only people that matter in music is artist that create CONTENT or CONTENT controllers like managers or producers, online record labels dont need staff to run, so there goes more jobs lost. Advertising is the only thing that matters for online stores or online record labels.

    Music online is also bad because the quality of music is at a all time low because artsit dont need to hit a studio anymore. Since everyone listens to music on myspace or MP3s , our EAR will get use too bad music sounding good.

  • trippn

    Now Jay looks so silly – he is tryin a look that is well – let’s just say WEARING HIM. It looks Sloppy.

  • trippn


    BABY FEET = BABY (you know what) HAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH – Having so much fun on the site today!!

  • Bones Jordan

    Good job Jay. I can’t wait until the Blueprint 3 my dog.

  • Caps is Where its At


  • sideshowRaheem

    I wish people would stop believing this stupid rumor it’s been around for like 6 months. First off getting into the record business is a dump move for Apple and why would an artist sign with a label that can only distribute there music through iTunes that would essentially lock you out of every other online music retailer and lock you out of the top two brick and mortar music retailers Walmart and BestBuy unless Apple is willing to start pressing music CD’s witch I’m sure there not.

  • DDub

    Apple as in iTunes. Online music is were it’s at. Napster changed music and the way it is listened to and distributed. Broadband made it possible to download multiple files in a short amount of time. The iPod made it possible to take all the newly acquired music from the computer and listen to it non-stop. No longer held to the 80 minute restriction of traditional CDs.

    iTunes continues to grow while the physical CD market continues to see decline. It’s a no brainer. And it’s not just Music, movies, tv shows–is going digital. Technology has reached another milestone. Just think, the music is now being created digitally, analog is going the way of the 8-track.

    It makes sense. People aren’t walking around with Discmans. No they walk around with a cellphone that carries some of their favorite MP3s. It’s getting to the point were music can now be purchased via wifi and on the go. Who needs to go out of the way to find a CD shop and pay taxes on an overpriced disc.

  • 2Cents

    All I have to say is thank you.





  • weezy

    everyone knows the mainstream media reports gossip now. didn’t he take American Gangster off of Itunes because he didn’t want singles sold. Is that album ever platinum yet?

  • Blaqk

    SEE thats my man, he keeps it moving. Hustle in 2008 is the Slogan!!!!!!

  • V

    I wonder will he break up the songs from American Gangster and release them when his hiring process is complete? The entire album wasn’t a banger, but had a few nice songs on it.

    Still as he stated…the album won’t be broken into singles for downloads, great movies aren’t sold scene by scene and his album won’t be either.

    We’ll see…

  • Fiddy

    It’s Hova baby!!

  • Dalia

    If it’s true, I have to agree that it is a very smart move on his part.

  • Nic

    Apple cannot get into the music business. That’s a deal they made with The Beatles years ago.

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