In White Folks News: Crackhouse Wanted By Scientologists

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Amy Winehouse is being hunted by the Scientology Cult:

The troubled British neo-soul songstress is featured on a list headed by Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and also featuring Eva Longoria. The magazine says saving Amy, the world’s most notorious celebrity drug abuser du jour, would be a coup for the staunchly anti-drugs cult. A Scientologist music producer who worked on her 2006 Back To Black album reportedly gave the weirdly secretive organisation an “in”.

A source tells NW that before Amy’s 71-day clean-up stint in the West Indies over the new year, she received a call from Scientology’s celebrity branch offering to tailor-make a rehab program. Amy has since fallen off the wagon – but if that keeps the “church” away, we can’t help thinking she’s better off.

What a perfect fit. LOL


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  • jade

    she needs all the help she can get…poor baby

  • natureboy601

    this chic is sad…help her, help her please

  • waka waka

    wow..she’s not dead yet..thats crazy

  • CSTB.


  • http://bossip ROSEISRE

    Please stop taking pictures of Amy and talking about her she might outlive everybody……….

  • Da Angel

    i m seriously worried about this girl

  • twinkle said it 1rst

    I hope this is an old photo.

  • SuperHuman

    Amy Just takes really bad!! Pictures folks…
    her drug use not as bad as those pics!! thats why she is still alive.. duh!

  • john hope franklin

    ho sit down!!!

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  • Scientology? HA!

    Sadly, Scientology is far worse than any drug she can take. I don’t condone her taking drugs, but she chooses to take it of her own free will. God only knows what the Scientologists would do to her. Isn’t it bad enough that they’ve brainwashed the likes of Tom Cruise? They need to keep their Xenu-alien believing butts out of the sane world. You know what? L. Ron Hubbard should come back from all his scientologist freaks and take them to the planet he so highly spoke of. They need to leave the rest of us SANE people alone–whether or not our lives are drug-free or not.

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