Another Little King on the Way

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

T.I. and Tiny are expecting a baby boy. We wonder what name will they pull out of the hat for this one?

Congrats to them. Hopefully they’ll keep the ammo away from the baby.


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  • Tamika

    1st. Hee Hee

    Congrats. They look so cute together.

  • Karma

    Good for them. Hopefully T.I. ain’t licking her head like that when the baby is old enuf to know that is what dogs do.

  • Esh!!!

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaw… i ❤ him!!!

  • Betty Crocker


  • TT

    Hopefully he will marry her. Just get a prenup.

    ***Im assuming hes waiting until he is done spreading his love****

  • California Pixie

    Wasn’t she pregnant a short while ago. Maybe I’m thinking about the wrong person. Well I guess he has 9 months to fine a decent entourage to run with and grow the hell up. They do make a cute couple even though she looks a little crazy and sprung.

  • blah

    she was pregnant a few months back, but she lost it! congrats to the both of them

  • California Pixie

    I have to admit she does look like a hood rat. Ugh!

  • andie

    I wish them a smooth pregnancy.

  • California Pixie

    What’s up with licking the forehead?

  • Dom

    ugh she is so not hot enough for him..yuck

  • imrightdammit

    Both of them need a scorecard to keep up with all the baby mommas and baby daddys. They need to be spade and neutered. Or get a marriage license for God’s sake. Even then, the lifestyles a bit shady with the drugs/guns etc, so maybe they should just quit!

  • lampshadehead

    they both look like they drink alot

    maybe they can name the baby “Dictator” or throw in a little latin flair with “El Presidente” or “Castro”

    But congrats are still in order!

  • jojo

    Why don’t they name the baby after Tiny they can call him Sonic The Hedgehog.

  • ME!!

    T.I is a gay!

    SomethinGabout this man… says… GAY!!

  • lalapaloosa

    DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNN they don’t waste no time!!! Congrats though…lol

  • bree

    ok looks like she cant give you the girl..let’s try to have one! 🙂

    j/k..but we certainly can go half on one..

  • tlatrice

    I’m jealous (cuz I LUH me some TI) and happy for them at the same time.


    And, FYI, she only has one other baby daddy. She has one daughter from a previous relationship and 2 with him if you count the child she lost in 07 – which was a girl.

    He, on the other hand, has 3 baby mamas – including her. But I think he was really young when he had them. I think.

    Anyways, I wish them all the best. Kids are a gift from God and only God can create life. So if these children are coming into the world, it’s because it’s their time to be born.

    People often look at having a lot of kids like it’s stockpiling possessions like cars or something. But they’re PEOPLE, whose lives have a purpose and destiny. However many kids he has, each of them has a reason for being. For those of you who may be the youngest of your siblings, what if your parents had ‘quit’? Something to think about.

  • jjones

    baby mamas are fun, i just luv mine

  • imrightdammit


    You don’t know my younger sibling. If you did, you may think different. FOR REAL!!!

  • NubianGoddez

    All them damn kids that fool is spitting out and he has yet to marry one of his legions of babies mamma. I’m not cosigning his tomfoolery.

  • John

    Instead of TI licking on Tiny he better be chowing down on some beans and greens. He going to need that weight if he epect to survive in the “Big House”!!

  • imrightdammit

    Right on NUBI! But John, “beans and greens”? I’m on the floor with that one.



    Having a baby mama maybe “fun”, but calling your baby’s mother wife is even better.

  • sho nuff da stuff

    Congrats to the happy couple on their new bundle of joy…I wish them well. May God bless them. I hope they name the baby Simba too…it’s kinda cute. Thanks MJB….just bought your cd and it’s poppin.

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