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Christopher Martin, b.k.a. Play of Kid-N-Play and the House Party franchise, was seriously injured in a car crash this Saturday. His car was hit by a mortally wounded driver who was fleeing the police. The fugitive was shot by officers following a home invasion with two other suspects.

It’s a shame that we only hear about people when there is a tragedy. It’s good to know that he can walk away from this alive.


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  • Lip Chap aka Fuzzy

    My prayers go out to you Chris hope for a speedy recovery!!!

  • Baby Please

    I hope he’s okay.

  • Lip Chap aka Fuzzy

    Notice the maturity! i.e. no 1st!

  • BXNayNay

    I was at the scene and it was not pretty.

  • Chi mi

    May God bless him and provide he and his family the strength to move on from this accident.

  • Soul Cry

    He will certainly be in my prayers. I was in a major accident a few years ago, and am still struggling with the effects.

    Blessings from the Most High to this brother, please keep him strong.

  • Louisiana Hot Gyrl

    I’ll keep him in my prayers

  • GorgeousBlackWomen

    It hurts to see innocent people hurt by these idiots. Was watching the news earlier about a drunk dude who killed a mother and her four kids. One of the kids was 8 weeks old. The car was ripped apart and the baby was thrown into the middle of the street. The idiot who did this got a SCRATCH ON HIS CHIN. Seriously, if anyone feels like playing with their lives, go stick a gun to your own head and keep other people out of it.

  • Smartie

    I hope his minister boyfriend is praying at his bedside. He DID leave his wife for her.

  • Bones Jordan

    If yall didn’t know Rev. Martin is a minister somewhere in the Carolinas according to an interview I heard a few years back. Stay up Play. We love you bro.

  • Lip Chap aka Fuzzy

    Wow for real you feel the need to air this man’s dirty laundry at a time like this. Well obviously smartie.

  • tlatrice

    Co-sign Fuzzy! I was thinking the same thing! This ain’t the time for that.

  • Soul Cry


    It’s true…they are never hurt.

  • Dolla Bill

    Dayum….I hope he’ll be ok.

  • Jess2much4u

    I’ll be praying for you Play!!!!

  • Ice-T

    I had no idea he was still alive!! well hope he stays that way

  • DeeDeeBaby

    Oh my. I hadn’t heard about this at all. I hope he’s okay. That is my baby! xoxo Chris!

  • Momo

    I’m confused by Smartie’s comment….but aside from Play being the fine one and my fav of the duo, I am praying he recovers quickly.

  • I Stay SMH

    Hmmmmm….Shari Headley says he hasn’t paid child support in YEARS and hasn’t attempted to see their baby.

    Neither here nor there….hope he is okay

  • v-fromrock

    I will keep him and his family in my prayers.

  • I Stay SMH

    well “baby” no more

    but yeah:

    Martin, 38, was arraigned in federal court in Central Islip, NY, on charges that he failed to pay $32,277 in child support to his former wife, actress Shari Headley.

    The couple was married two years and have a son, Skyler, age 7.

    Headley said Martin has had no contact with his son since the couple divorced in 1995. She told the Newsday newspaper Martin, who now lives in Birmingham, AL, has failed to pay most of the child support a Nassau County court ordered. If convicted, he faces up to 5 years in prison.

  • I Stay SMH

    assholes and prayers?


  • me that's who says free o'dizzle

    Shari Headley

    ^^^^the chick in coming to america…..had no clue they was married and where he gon get 30g’s from…..he still got paper or what….

  • I Stay SMH

    that was 2001…i guess it had accrued

  • Momo

    Dammit another deadbeat dad. Kick rocks, Play!! But I do love you though…so get better.

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