Daddy Dearest, Or Nah? Dirty Dog Mathew Knowles Confirms Whether Or Not He Has A Relationship With Beyonce And Solange

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Do daddies little girls still feel warm-and-fuzzy about dirty dog Matty?

Mathew Knowles Speaks On Relationship With Daughters, Destiny’s Child, And Politics

Beyonce and Solange have been known to have an on-again-off-again relationship with her father, Mathew Knowles.

This morning, ol’ Matty Knowles stopped by The Madd Hatta Morning Show on Houston’s 97.9 The Box to talk about his relationship with his superstar seed(s).

Host: Everytime I’m in the streets, people be like “Mathew doesn’t talk to Beyonce”, and I say “My father-in-law DO talk to Beyonce. Will you tell these people that you talk to Beyonce?

MK: Every Sunday. Every Sunday. In fact two days on her birthday. She’s on a big ol’ yacht in Spain and we talked.

Host: Cause it’s a conspiracy. People think you don’t talk to her and I’m like that’s always gonna be her dad. No matter what went wrong in the family or whatever.

MK: We text and sometimes we talk live, but every Sunday. As well as with Solange.

Flip the page to read Matty’s response to hearing about the Solange vs. Jay Z elevator fade.

Host: When you saw the stuff that happened between Solange and Jay Z, when they tell you your daughter and her husband are having problems is your first thing to call and double-check and make sure everything is ok?

MK: My first response to just to make sure that everybody is ok.

Host: Will we ever get to see Destiny’s Child come back out again, or is that done?

MK: Absolutely, you will. I still manage Destiny’s Child, but things don’t just happen. It didn’t just happen that on Michelle’s current album she released she had Beyonce and Kelly on it, or that they were on ABC together recently. That’s just not luck. Or the Target commercial that has “Independent Woman” on it. We work on strategy.

On the next page Matty talks about his potential run for Mayor of Houston

Host: On our sister station, Sunday Morning Live, you said that you might run for mayor

MK: I am absolutely considering it. I got asked the question over and over again “How do you feel about entertainment in Houston and the city governemt?”. I am unhappy about the development of entertainment in Houston as a city. Having no destination point, very few live experiences, not bringing in a lot of the industry, like MTV award shows. Dallas recently got the Country Music Awards. Look at what happened in Austin, it changed the economy of the city with SXSW, and it was because city government had a vision…Every major city has to have entertainment to be relevant.

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