Stop The Talking: 14 Athletes Who Should Fire Their PR Teams

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14 Athletes Who Should Fire Their PR Teams

Remember the days of Michael Jordan when society turned blind eyes to athletes’ horrible decisions and they didn’t have a Twitter to send out stupid messages? Those were the times. Well, things are different now. Athletes have to rely on their PR teams to help them brush their teeth without offending someone. These athletes should work on getting some image help…or just shutting the hell up. Whichever one works for them.

Paul George – He just tweeted that he supported Ray Rice…all after he allegedly got a dancer pregnant and tried to pay her off to abort the baby. ALLEGEDLY.

Floyd Mayweather – He also supported Ray Rice…all after he’s had his own domestic violence convictions.

Ray Rice – Maybe he doesn’t need a PR team anyway since he’s out of work.

Dwight Howard – Everything he does is a mishap these days. Including that outfit, tbh.

Adrien Broner – His Youtube videos only made people hate him…and enjoy him getting knocked the hell out.

Dennis Rodman – Ay man, you gotta stop letting him go to North Korea, though. For real.

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    JR Smith – The PR Team has to be on alert and keep those DMs secret. Don’t get busted, man.

    Tiger Woods – Tiger has needed PR help ever since he stepped out on his wife.

    Terrell Owens – He basically gimmicked himself out of the damn league by being a clown.

    Johnny Manziel – Johnny Football just doesn’t seem to know what to say when he’s asked about his partying. And those rolled up dollar bills in the bathrooms aren’t the best looks either.

    Stevie Johnson – Blaming God for a dropped ball. Nope. Not cool.

    Roger Goodell – He’s not an athlete but man oh man he’s having some tough times.

    Alex Rodriguez – He’s been a pariah ever since his steroid scandal partly because he’s handled it 100% wrong the whole time.

    The Baltimore Ravens – Whole organization. Failing.

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