Blabber Mouths: Famous Men Who Gossip More Than Women

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Famous Men Who Gossip More Than Women

You think only women gossip? Well you’re mistaken. These men love to stir the pot, spill the tea and YASSSSSS the night away. Just keep your info away from these men and you’ll be fine.

Joe Budden – He recently tried to spill some tea over Teyana Taylor and Ray Rice that was literally none of his business at all.

50 Cent – He’s always carrying on about someone’s business, whether they can read or who their baby momma is.

Harvey Levin – He’s the head of TMZ…of course he gossips. But at least he can use his powers for good if he wants to.

Perez Hilton – Another person who got rich off gossip.

Floyd Mayweather – He’s always good to put his opponents’ business out in the streets.

Shaq – He gossiped to a side chick about D Wade chopping down Lauren London. Way to be a pal, Diesel.

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    Kobe Bryant – Rumor had it that he told his wife about Pau Gasol cheating. Can you keep anything between teammates, man?

    Ray J – He’s good to put someone on blast, especially if he chopped them down before.

    Nick Cannon – He rated all the women he slept with and let his gossip ruin his marriage. Kudos.

    Rich Dollaz – Doesn’t it seem like he always stirs the pot on Love & Hip-Hop?

    Eminem – He doesn’t do it so much anymore but he was good for putting people on blast.

    Cam’ron – Cam has no fear when it comes to putting people on blast. He’s about that life.

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