Thirst Control: 16 Things Not To Do When Trying To Holler On Social Media

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Things Not To Do When Trying To Holler On Social Media

It’s 2014, so trying to find love on the internet is not quite as uncommon or creepy as it once was. In fact, many people actually prefer to sift through cyberspace when looking to find “the one”…or the one for the night…rather that the conventional methods of dating.

However, like most things, there are several ways to turn innocent, normal internet flirtation into a weird encounter and end up on faster than you might realize. Here are a few things not to do when trying to holler on social media. Take heed……and thirst on.

Like 167 of their photos in 3 minutes in an effort to “get their attention”

Comment on every photo until you get a response


Repeatedly follow and un-follow them until they notice

Send them creepy song lyrics like: “baby lemme push yo panties to da siiiide.”

Tell them that you’ve “been watching” them for a while now

Send unsolicited pictures of your unclothed body parts

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    Use photoshop to replace other people in their photos with yourself…and then publicly post the “altered” photo (unless your name is @peejet….cause he’s funny as hell.

    Repost one of her photos with the hashtag #FDB when she doesn’t respond to your message with in 2 hours

    Secretly try to get at one of their friends at the same time

    Publicly post your phone number on Twitter, IG, or Facebook

    Follow/befriend ALL of their closest friends

    Refer to your crush as your “brother” or “sister” on social media. No one believes you anyway

    Call them thirsty after they’ve liked one photo

    Ask for a photo once you’ve already met them. Let them send it to you.

    Send pictures like this to “turn them on”

    And last but not least, don’t be a catfish. Or else you’ll get this look in person, every time.

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