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Tracey Edmonds and Eddie Murphy will have another wedding when they come back to America, but this time it will be legal. After the non-legit ceremony earlier this week in Bora Bora, the suspect couple are really going to go through with it.

Good for them. There’s nothing better than a marriage of convenience. She’s stepping up her career game and he’s covering up his tranny loving ways.


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  • Kas


  • Guilty Pleasure

    Nice picture…….she looks beautiful

  • Lip Chap aka Fuzzy

    I hope Eddie knows that that is not Unfoofoo.

  • Lisa

    From what I can see, that is a beautiful dress she is wearing…she definitely got sewn into it.

  • Bones Jordan

    @ Strong, yessir.

    They look GRRRRRRRRRRREAT! together. God bless them and their new family. I wonder if Charlie was there. (In my best Chappelle doing Rick James voice) CHAAARLIE MUUUUURPHY!!!!!!!!! Come here partna! Hahahaha……. Darkness what did the hand say……. haha.. to the face, ….wha……….Smaack!!! Hahahaha, Coooolld blooooded!!!

  • jerruol

    mmm.she is beautiful.This is a hot topic on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named “Searching Millionaire. com”.

  • Bones Jordan

    Real talk, they look like an excellent couple and got dammit, if Eddie says he was just trying to help this person(Shalamar the dead tranny prostitute) then man, I mo take the mane’s word!! Leave him alone for Christ’s sake, it ain’t like he’s flamboyant or had any other run ins. That in fact was an i-so-la-ted incident. Good job Ed, much success to you and your bride.

  • andie

    She looks beautiful, he looks like a creep. That Bora Bora business is shady. I wonder what the American ceremony will be like?

  • Bird

    Whatever man. Eddie better get her to sign that prenup in blood.

  • Bahama Mama wants her hubby back FREE HUBBY!!!

    Why Eddie got the rock eyebrow thing happen’n? Is Johnny in the background?

  • Bones Jordan

    @ B Ma, do you feel better today Mama?

  • Strong Black Man

    @bones… lol the blogger “AND” is saying me, you and others bring the quality of this site down…

  • Strong Black Man

    I say she brings the quality of life down for those who are burdened by her presence, don’t get me started this morning..this website is purely satire…(in my diddy voice) “i will smack a chick”

  • Bronx Brawler

    Babyface wants her outta his pockets asap.

  • Bahama Mama wants her hubby back FREE HUBBY!!!

    @ bones

    yes sir i am…but my nose is still congested…thanks for askin.

    @ sbm where did that happen? lol

  • Ripper

    Traycee is FINE. She’s aging like a fine wine. I dont know what Eddie did in the past with whoever, but based on current events he is most def. into women at this point cause Tracey looks to be ALL woman for real.

  • me that's who says o'dizzle needs to be let go

    morning ppl

  • me that's who says o'dizzle needs to be let go

    yall ain’t off topic yet cause this story is doing nothing fa me……

  • Bahama Mama wants her hubby back FREE HUBBY!!!

    LOL @ mtw…morning to u too…ain’t hardly no one here yet

  • Strong Black Man

    BMAMa-lol @AND…i’m sorry she wasn’t trippin. i was and i feel like an idiot..

  • Strong Black Man

    @MTW…what’s good…”can i get that one on one? I’ve been working on my low-post game”

  • Bahama Mama wants her hubby back FREE HUBBY!!!

    lol mtw i was thinking of a game…lol celeb love connection? have them choose from three celebs and who they would pick and what there date would be like….u down? it might be too much type’n tho..

  • me that's who says o'dizzle needs to be let go

    i see bmama……lol i wanna know out of the 2 hookups yesterday, which ones stuck……feeling better tho bmama

  • me that's who says o'dizzle needs to be let go

    @MTW, good morning my buddy. How you doin?

    ^^^^lol what it do boo….yall remember them my buddy dolls???? and kid sister, man i wanted on of those but my momma was like naw cause they look too much like chucky…..

  • Bahama Mama wants her hubby back FREE HUBBY!!!

    feeling better tho bmama


    HUH? am i feeling better or are u feeling better? lol

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