13 Foods To Eat Right Now For Healthier Hair And Skin

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13 Foods To Eat Right Now For Healthier Hair And Skin

Most of us are on the go with work deadlines and in full swing with school schedules this month and it’s not even fall yet. It’s time to start preparing not only your immune systems for a change in weather but your hair and skin as well. Let your health beam through your face and follicles by consuming these 13 nutritional foods.


These teeny tiny seeds are packed with nutrition. Add a spoonful to a shake and get protein, fiber, and loads of omega-3s, which reduce inflammation in the skin.



You can add shine to your hair by eating avocado. They contain a sturdy amount of omega 3 fatty-acids that moisturize hair from the inside out.



Nuts in general contain zinc, which assist in aiding your immune system, promoting fast healing from acne and skin renewal.

Dark green vegetables are packed with Vitamin A and C which both promote that natural hair oil your body produces. Vitamins C is great overall for hair shine, nail growth and fresh looking skin.

These little guys contain Vitamin C and tons antioxidants to get your skin glowing and hair shining.

Eggs consumed and used topically work great for hair retention. They contain high doses of protein to strengthen strands and vitamin B.

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    Meat is also packed with protein and iron to keep hair strong from shedding.

    Calcium is needed for hair growth and yogurt has a lot of it.

    These bad boys contain Zinc which helps get your immune system working properly. This has a skin and hair growth boosting affect, the body starts to distribute the proper vitamins to both.

    Lobster is also high in Zinc, promoting skin renewal and maintaining collagen.


    Natures pretty little spices are spiked with vitamin C, they pump up collagen production for healthy hair and skin. Vitamin C deficiency can cause dry skin and brittle hair.

    Add spinach to your meal and add wrinkle-fighting antioxidants: vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene. All three work in protect to protect your skin.

    These are a good source of protein and iron, again promoting hair strength and retention.


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