Is “Spanking” Abuse? Twitter’s Mixed Reaction To Adrian Peterson’s Child Abuse Indictment

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Really Tank?!

Is “Spanking” Abuse? Twitter’s Mixed Reaction To Adrian Peterson’s Child Abuse Indictment

How far is too far when disciplining a child? No one on Twitter seems to agree where the line is drawn but is afflicting pain and bruises to a minor in your care really a form of love?

The weird part about this situation is that Adrian Peterson has already lost a child to abuse, you think people would expect him to tread lightly around the subject. Many chimed in with different responses, peep the flip to see. Do you agree with any?



Do you agree?


We hear you.


No, the police.

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    Oh ok.

    True, indeed. 



    Was it just a spanking?

    But, is it right?


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