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Is that number she did on Rob Kardashian coming back to haunt her?

Rita Ora Can’t Get Over Calvin Harris, On Verge Of Breakup With New Boyfriend

Let it gooo, let it gooooo Rita! It would be such a shame if you let the way you got dogged in your last relationship cause you to turn to drugs and food as a coping mechanism

Via DishNation:

EDM king Calvin Harris dumped Rita Ora months ago, but he’s still casting a long strobe light over her love life.

The 23 year-old “I Will Never Let You Down” singer is on the verge of being dumped by new lover, aspiring rapper Ricky Hil, because Hil—the son of fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger—“is sick of hearing Rita talk about Calvin all of the time,” says a source.

“Rita can’t let the past go, and her fixation on Calvin is wrecking her and Ricky’s relationship.

“Ricky is in the midst of trying to launch his music career and all Rita talks about when he asks her opinion about music is, ‘Calvin would do this,’ or ‘Calvin thinks that.’”

“Of course Ricky feels insecure and feels like he’s in a lose-lose situation because he’ll never live up to Calvin in Rita’s eyes, and he most likely won’t ever achieve Calvin’s level of success.

“It’s too depressing for Ricky and he’s been telling Rita’s friends that he’s going to cut her loose unless she shuts up about Calvin.”

Rita and Calvin announced their split in June, but months later Rita admitted in an interview that she’s “not doing too great.”

Her second album remains in limbo because Calvin is refusing to allow her to release any tracks he worked on.

Adds the source,

“Ricky feels like Calvin Harris is the third wheel in he and Rita’s relationship. Even more insulting, Ricky hates that dude’s music!”

“Ricky has one foot out the door and the only thing preventing him from dumping Rita right this minute is that Ricky worries another heartbreak will send her over the edge.”

Welp. She better tighten that up before she finds herself dumped via social media a second time.



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