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Is Ariane chasing Mimi’s AARP bird-box?

Ariane Denies Romantic Relationship With Mimi Faust

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ star Ariane recently addressed rumors during a interview with VH1 addressing claims that she was in a romantic relationship with BFF Mimi Faust following her split with Nikko.

Via VH1 reports:

Sometimes you come across way too invested in Mimi’s love life causing people to think that maybe you like her more than a friend, at any point in the friendship were you romantic?

Noooo, no. If I wanted Mimi, I could have her. You know? Like that’s with anybody. I’m so serious. I can have anybody I f*cking want. But no, Mimi and I never crossed that line. It’s always been a special bond — a sisterhood of some sort. Like you know, there’s been no other kind of intimacy other than a true friendship between Mimi and I, and I would never cross that line.

Can you see why people could assume that?

Yeah, but people don’t know us, so I don’t feed into shit like that. You don’t know my life. You really don’t. You get a glimpse and moments of our lives. Like they don’t see the other side of Mimi because that’s not what’s shown [on television]. Like they don’t see how sweet she really is and how she’s also friend to me. That’s why I can be the friend I am to her because she’s that same person to me off-camera.

So Mimi is there for you as well, because it looks one-sided…

Absolutely, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t keep people — I don’t invest my time and energy into somebody or something that is not being given back to me. F*ck no! I don’t do that. No, I’m 35 years old.

Ariane and Mimi?? Now, that’s one freaky flick we would watch!



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