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Is Torrei Hart bitter??

Torrei Hart Denies Being Bitter Following Divorce With Kevin Hart

Via Christian Post:

While some fans have applauded Torrei for sharing her truth on “Atlanta Exes,” some critics have questioned what exactly her motives are for discussing her ex.

“For some reason [critics] equate hurt with bitterness … when you’re doing a show called “Atlanta Exes,” of course a lot of the questions that are being asked are going to be about my ex,” Torrei said in response to the misconceptions about her in the media. “It’s not like I’m just going around bringing his name up … I’m not bitter. I was hurt so I do speak about being hurt and I think I should. I think if you can’t be honest about your emotions and be real then what is the point of doing a reality show? I don’t hide [anything]. I’m very truthful [and] raw.”

Torrei was first approached to do the show, which is a spin-off of “Hollywood Exes,” by producers, who attend the same church as her. Initially, she feared that the name of the show could have a negative connotation, she now thinks it works.

“I actually felt comfortable with doing the show with [producers] because I know their track record, I know who they are. I’ve been approached before but I didn’t really know them so I passed,” she said. “At first I didn’t like the fact that the name of the show was “Atlanta Exes” but [for me now] it’s a great name, it’s a catchy name. It’s gift and a curse in a sense.”

Torrei says so far, the show has been a great platform “for me just to get my name out there and show people who I am.” She’s currently behind a Skimpy Mixers beverage line and also began filming the new movie “Yanks” last week.

She recently finished a book about “bouncing back after hardships” and she credits her faith for getting her to such a great point in her life after such a devastating divorce.

“… Having that strong faith and background helped me get through a lot. I trusted in God. I did a 30-day fast about two years ago and I would pray for an hour a day and plead to God ‘please help me get through what I’m going through. I’m trusting in you, I know there’s something for me.’ That is how I got through,” she said. “There was a lot of days when I was very weak and didn’t think I would make it but leaning on [God] is what got me through.”

Torrei has moved onto a happy new relationship and says she’s no longer hurt by her ex Kevin Hart. Do you believe her??




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