Pay Your (Taxi) Bill: ‘Blood, Sweat And Heels’ Star Geneva Thomas Accused Of Skipping Out On $18 Cab Fare

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When the Bravo checks stop coming in????

Geneva Thomas Accused Of Skipping Out On Cab Fare

Remember Geneva Thomas, the “Blood, Sweat And Heels” cast member who wrote about colorism after her cast mate called her Wesley Snipes???

Well, she’s apparently at odds with New York’s Yellow Taxi Cab service over an unpaid fare.

TMZ reports:

Bravo reality star Geneva S. Thomas got nailed in an alleged ride ‘n dash … after cops say she skipped out on an $18 cab fare in NYC.

According to the police report … the “Blood, Sweat & Heels” cast member was booked Tuesday after a taxi company claimed she took off before paying the driver, and now she faces theft charges.

Law enforcement tells us … they were able to track down Geneva because the driver took note of the address where he dropped her off — something they tend to do if you don’t pay.

Geneva claims the whole thing is BS, and tells us she’s planning to sue the NYPD and the taxi company. For now, she has a court date in January.

She might want to walk.


Geneava has since released an official statement explaining her side of the story.

Via Geneva S. Thomas’ Facebook page:

On September 9, 2014, Geneva S. Thomas was involved in a dispute with a New York Yellow Taxi Cab Driver.

Upon entering the vehicle, Geneva informed the driver of her desire to pay via credit card for services rendered and that she did not have cash.

The driver became threatening and hostile following a line of question as he attempted to deviate from the planned route as a method to unfairly increase the fare. T

he driver became defensive and tried to force Geneva out of the vehicle in a highly trafficked area.

Geneva placed two calls to 911 to diffuse the disagreement—once while she was in the cab and secondly upon arrival at her final destination.

Geneva values the time and services of others, and was fully prepared to pay the agreed rate of $15.00.

Geneva, along with bystanders on the scene, offered to pay, and the cops refused to allow anyone to do so.

The New York Police Department proceeded with an immediate arrest without investigation.

In this unfortunate situation, the New York Police Department’s unjust actions demonstrate an ongoing and well-documented pattern of behavior.

The cab driver himself stated the arrest was unnecessary. Geneva finds these charges to be frivolous and unwarranted, and looks forward to proving her innocence.

Geneva and her team will take action to create awareness ensuring this never happens to another woman in New York City ever again.

Hmmmm…what do YOU think about all this mess??? This taxi driver sounds like a loser who targeted her for no reason.

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