Grey’s Anatomy Actor Confirms Isiah Washington’ Kicked Him Out The Closet With Slur

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Posted by Bossip Staff

T.R. Knight confirmed to People Magazine that Isiah Washington called him a fa*got on the set and this “gave him the courage” to come out the closet. Isiah Washington recently told Accesss Hollywood reporter Shaun Robinson that “I never called T.R. a fa*got, never happened, never happened” which caused some Hollyweird folks to start looking at Isiah with some shade again.

Isiah Washington had previously had problems on other filming sets.In the year 2000, after planting an aggressive and “forceful” kiss on an actress on the set of Soulfood in Toronto, the actress got upset and Isiah began screaming at her. He then went off on producer Tracey Edmonds after she stepped in.

You know if everyone who comes in contact with Isiah at work has problems, you know his wife Jenisa is “feeling” the anger. Does she wear a helmet at home? Don’t have to be a genius to know that going around Hollyweird calling people fa*got is not a good idea when more than half of Hollyweird are gay. Isiah’s job: tick, tick, tick…….

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