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Mason Betha, formerly M-A-$ (dollar sign)-E of Mason Betha Ministries is coming to a TV near you. Here is a promo of his and his wife Twyla’s Born to Succeed show. Looks like it should be entertaining.

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  • MsButtaflyy

    1st!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Random Ridiculousness!

  • Janelle


  • Tyrone M. Wild

    doesn’t he like men who dress as women? that’s nasty. Jesus take the wheel…maybe then he wouldn’t have gotten in that accident. haha. Happy new year!

  • Marsha


  • Nini

    Another Ghetto Faboulous mess

  • fruitloop

    How cheesy…

  • jjones

    this dude needs to quit, didnt he quit preaching to go back to rapping, then last year he got caught with a fag sucking his dick in his range rover, he need kill hisself

  • Lisa

    That is the dumbest promo ever….it tells me NOTHING is what to expect.

    One another note – I can’t stand people, who have no other way to make money, to turn to religion.

    Especially MA$E….

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    I hope he’s made up his mind once and for all…

    He can’t be Murder Ma$e then Pastor Mason, then Murder Ma$e, then Pastor Mason again…

    You can’t be playing on both sides of the fence especially when it comes to the Lord…

    *I’m not judging, I’m just saying…



  • Bones Jordan

    @ JJones, cosign, minus the suicide part.

    @ Keepin it….. yessir. Cosign all the way.

  • tlatrice

    OK, I missed the part about about him and the tranny.

    But I went to his church a few times a few years ago when I lived in Atlanta and he’s really good!

    I bought his first comeback CD because it was good and pretty much in line with his faith.

    I heard that on the next one he went back to being Murder Ma$e. I never actually heard anything from the CD so I didn’t know if it was true or not.

    OMG…*sighs for lack of words; used them all on the NJ Assemblyman post*

  • weezy

    How many dummies will fall for this one? I am sick of these shuck and jive preachers and the desperate losers who follow them, grow the hell and stop looking for someone to follow.

  • Bones Jordan

    @ Weezy, I agree but A LOT of people need that hope(false or no) that organized religion offers common folk. You feel me?

  • PrettyMissSunshine

    Was that his wife or his mom?

  • Nation

    Mase needs to decide if he’s going to be in the church or in the world!!! The whole re-attempt at a rap career by signing with 50’s G-Unit totally destroyed any credibility that he may have had in ministry. He’s obviously broke now and this just seems like another way for him to try to make a dollar. NEXT!!!

  • jjones

    i dont see how he broke because abuot a year and a half ago puff gave him like 1.5 million that he owed to mase

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    He really needs to quit…and to play with God period is a dumb-move. How can he consider himself an ordained minister when he left the church…went back to rap and was trying to be signed to G-Unit.

    He was rapping about fycking, bytches and hoes not that long ago…now he wants to preach the word? Oh no sir…I don’t think so. Mase, face it you miss the rapper lifestyle…and you were caught trying to pick up trannies!!! He better stop to foolishness, making a mockery of the Lord is not the answer!!!

  • EZ Rawlins

    What is up with these folks who receive HONORARY degrees and then go around calling themselves ‘Dr.?” Mase, Juanita Bynum, Creflo Dollar: NONE of them have done any post-secondary work, yet they’re all running around calling themselves ‘Dr.’ Talk about fraud; if they’re lying about their education, then WHAT ELSE are they lying about?

  • CaPa

    um. Mase needs to just shoot himself in the head its over for his ON-SCREEN career. over!!! what doesn’t he understand he is a LAME, tired, WASHED, out dated, the checks stop coming in he tried to roll with G-Unit and that just destroyed everything aydio!!!!. Corny ASS, him and his wife. Talking bout ” u BETTA Watch this!” NEGRO PLEASE!

  • The Voice Of The Young People

    Lately I have been seeing some jacked up preacher wife’s including the locals in town and Mase wife. I just expect more as a preacher’s wife. hump!

    What is wrong with women, a couple of months ago he was in ATL in a car wreck cause he was getting blow from a Tranny. WTF is his wife thinking, since she is so spiritual I guess she thinks GOD heald him from homosexuality. SMH!

  • jjones

    to be honest alot of prechers are just like mase. I got a friend who is in seminary studying to be a preacher (which i believe is wrong cause a precher should be called by god and not taught by man) and he stated years ago that if he dont get a good job are do something big in a few years that he would be a preacher. His father and uncle are all big preachers in my area so he know he had that to fall back on

  • Huh?

    Mase what about them Hoes you was talking about and blowing people?

  • can

    Well I guess I’m the only one disappointed the show wont be seen in their area? We never get anything on the west coast! This is bull, cause I know at the least that would be pure entertainment!!!

    P-U-R-E E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-M-E-N-T

    Anyway whats all this about tranny’s and mase being gay?

  • mia

    mase mase mase seriously who cares to watch a tranny faggot FAKE preacher tell lies go some where and hide you homo FREAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

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