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Grand Jury Gets Delay To Charge Darren Wilson For Mike Brown Murder

An unfortunate new development has happened in the Mike Brown case. A grand jury has until JANUARY to decide to charge Officer Darren Wilson who shot and killed the unarmed teen August 9 in Ferguson, Missouri.

The River Front Times reports:

A judge has granted an extension for the grand jury in charge of deciding whether Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson will be acquitted or charged with a crime.

The twelve jurors now have until January 7 to indict Wilson for shooting and killing unarmed teen Michael Brown in Ferguson on August 9 or to let him go, St. Louis County Judge Carolyn Whittington ruled.

Anthony Gray, an attorney for the Brown family, said he was “flabbergasted” when Daily RFT called and told him about the grand jury delay Monday night.

He added that the trial depends on St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch, who has been heavily criticized by black leaders for his handling of the case, to present “sufficient evidence.”

“If they do not present sufficient evidence to indict, the grand jury won’t indict,” Gray tells Daily RFT.

With the violence, looting and chaos on West Florissant Road in Ferguson last month fresh on many people’s minds, there are fears that an acquittal will reignite explosive racial tensions. But until the grand jury decides, there’s little to do but wait.

“If it takes that long to marshal out all the evidence they feel will be sufficient, we have to honor that timetable,” Gray tells Daily RFT.

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The jury can still make its decision before January, Court Administrator Paul Fox told media Monday.

Ed Magee, spokesman for the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office, told Daily RFT that predictions of reaching a verdict in October are optimistic.

SMH…hopefully the jury doesn’t need THAT much time to do what’s right. We’ve got eyewitnesses accounts that he had his hands up and audio of the shooting.

What else do they need?!?!?!



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