Babymama Drama: Pilar ‘Biggers Sanders Love El Dey’ Accuses Ex-Hubby Deion Of Attempted Murder And Posts Graphic Domestic Abuse Photos

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This is crazy

Pilar Sanders Accuses Deion Sanders Of Attempted Murder

In the wake of the gaggle of domestic violence stories breaking in the NFL, Pilar Sanders is accusing her ex-hubby Deion Sanders of trying to kill her and destroying the evidence.

As previously reported Pilar now goes by Pilar Biggers Sanders Loves El Dey and is claiming to be a Moorish National Aboriginal, Indigenous Natural Person who can only be judged by the Moroccan Empire.

She also recently accused the NFL legend AND his new girlfriend Tracey Edmonds of kidnapping her three children who she lost custody of.

Now Pilar is ranting on IG about Deion abusing her by beating her with a statue, and then beating her best friend Diana Boswell for filming the “attempted murder.”

She also posted graphic photos of her hand which was bloodied when she tried to protect herself from Deion’s punching, choking, kicking and beating with the iron statue.

She then accused him of kidnapping her three Moorish American children (again) in a series of hash tags.

MOORtruth #DeionSanders #BEATS and #THREATENS #DiannaBoswell #DestroysEvidence -threatens and Refuses to pay #DrLisaThompson $5,000.00 For Piano Lesson Bill because she Testified! #RaymondWheless doing Business as 366th #CollinCountyCourt #ConcealedEvidence so #DeionSanders could Help Him and #CollinCountyColluders Continue #InternationalCrimes #InquisitionOperations #BlackChristianCodes1724 #KingAlfredPlan #Genocide They Kidnapped My Three #Indigenous #MoorishAmericanChildren – Deion Sanders Sells a show-he couldn’t get without my children and #ForcedToFilm his ‘realityshow’ for #OWNNETWORK #Peonage #HumanTrafficking #Racketeering #ViolenceAgainstWomen #CHILDABUSEFollowing


Poor Pilar, she’s reaaaaally going through it right now!What do you make of all this????

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