Disappearing Acts: What To Do When He Stops Calling You

- By Bossip Staff

You’ve met a guy yet again and you’re feeling him. He seems to be feeling you just the same. The two of you have great conversations on a regular basis. You go out on dates and may have even engaged in a few nights of unbelievable sex. It seems as though things are headed in the right direction, but then he stops calling you.


Why Casual Intercorse Doesn’t Make Men Commit

A female colleague of mine keeps describing herself, quite proudly, as a slut, and bragging about all no-strings-attached sex she has with guys … but then desperately tries to make each of those guys her boyfriend and gets hurt. Here’s why that method isn’t working. Dear girl that works in my office that describes herself as a slut, No, you’re not a slut. Stop saying that.


Reggaeton Star Don Omar Arrested For Domestic Violence

Don Omar, best known for hits like “Bandoleros” and his role in the Fast and Furious film franchise, has made headlines for laying hands on a woman. The artist’s lawyer, Edwin Prado, said the arrest was unfounded and that the couple hasn’t seen each other in days. The kicker? Omar doesn’t even know exactly what he was apprehended for, only that it has something to do with Ley 54.


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