Naomi in a Kini

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As much as we can get tired of her and her crazy antics, we will never grow tired of looking at her body in a bikini. Washed up or not, Naomi Campbell’s body will always be on point.

It’s so funny how it’s acceptable for men to wear those little ass swimming trunks in foreign countries. SMH.

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  • rai

    for her to be 108 & crazy as all hell, her body is on point

  • Esh!!!

    she does look good, but what is that fruitloop doin in last pix?

  • Karma

    She looks lovely. Her girl’s spine is showing.


  • California Pixie

    Naomi’s got it going on. She looks amazing.

  • datgirl

    She looks pretty good. Is that Matthew McConaughey wearing those bikini pants???

  • andie

    Now that’s what a banger looks like. Constantly making it rain on those other women. I love Naomi regardless!

  • Floridaboy8703

    It’s so funny how it’s acceptable for men to wear those little ass swimming trunks in foreign countries. SMH.


    No whats really funny is how ignorant most black people and americans are when it comes to sexuality. Just becuz someone wants to wear a speedo doesnt make them less of a man or homosexual Ignorance is so golden in this part of the world. Get over it. While that man is living it up with a beautiful supermodel enjoying his wealth wearing his speedo. Your stuck behind a computer screen writing about it.

  • rachel

    @ shut up

    Her booty is not saggy…stop hatin cause you dont have any booty.

  • Ebony

    Naomi looks on top of her game. Those super skinny gals should take note.

  • Dina

    It’s so funny how it’s acceptable for men to wear those little ass swimming trunks in foreign countries. SMH.


    Sorry, but this comment is beyond ignorant. What’s so funny is how americans think they can go all over the world telling people how they are supposed to look and act. Anything “different” scares americans stupid.

  • 6 Figgas

    BAD-ASS top model. Diva. Bitin’ DOWN on dat banger status like a pitbull on an ol’ tire. CHUCH.

  • FineAsWine*****Wizzo is FAN-TAS-TA-RAS-TIC




  • John

    Say what you want about her but one thing you have to admit. THE GIRL IS FINNNNNNNE!!!!!

  • NorthernStar

    I have no idea how this woman does it, but she is looking great! She is totally fit and she’s probably one of those annoying chicks who don’t lift a finger, but still stay slim and trim. I like how she’s a model, but not one of those sickly, too skinny types. And, at her age. A living example of why black women have to loooooooove the black in them. I know I do!

  • Strong Black Man

    lol media can say what they want about hip-hop..but if your into hip hop at least you’ll know what “most” women like and it’s not them little ass shorts…it’s impossible to have swagger in something like that

  • Strong Black Man

    @The fake…dawg been here longer than you and more respected up in here..make your move and do what’s right

  • sho nuff da stuff

    Hey ya’ll know black dont crack…Naomi will neva be whack…it’s not her fault the assistants dont duck when they see her cell flying at they head. They need to respect her fresh!

  • sho nuff da stuff

    these strong black men are cracking me up….go head on with yall bad self

  • Strong Black Man

    @the the real deal wouldn’t wear that his little brothers t-shirt and you took that picture at like 3 in the after-noon in front of the unemployed line..

  • Strong Black Man

    You a little too old tryin to grow waves lol

  • andrea

    she looks great! can’t hate… enough said =)

  • Strong Black Man

    well we invited the “gatorade” down here in the swamp…keep runnin my dude and when you get on my level, holla at me

  • Strong Black Man


  • Strong Black Man

    @MJB, what it do, long time no talk

  • FineAsWine*****Wizzo is FAN-TAS-TA-RAS-TIC




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