*Exclusive* Trey Songz Trying To Smash Adrienne Bailon

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Trey Songz & Adrienne Bailon

Trey Songz has been doing his darndest to get in Adrienne Bailon cakes. Word is, the kid has been quite persistent:

Our highly placed source reports: Trey has a huge crush on Adrienne and he started off talking to her on Twitter. He would send messages like “She’s so beautiful” just about everyday. With Twitter being so public, he decided to start sending her direct messages that no one could see. Since then, he’s been sending her romantic messages telling her how beautiful she is, and how he’s really feeling her. He’s pretty much infatuated with her at this point.

Hmmm, last we heard Adrienne was still dating Rob Kardashian. But, Trey does have that cute boy on the basketball team steez that would mesh well with Adrienne’s varsity cheerleader persona.

Check out Trey Songz, Pleasure P & Tocarra at VIBE magazine’s VSessions LIVE in New York’s Joe’s Pub last night…
Trey SongzPleasure P. Vibe Magazine

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  • Nique


  • Its6amHoGetOut, The only opinion that really matters.. I just saw that Souljah Boy fake Gucci post and I had to make a list why deep south niggettes prefer that fake shit! Ice Cube's "steal the show" now thats real rap!

    damn im first?

  • Its6amHoGetOut, The only opinion that really matters.. I just saw that Souljah Boy fake Gucci post and I had to make a list why deep south niggettes prefer that fake shit! Ice Cube's "steal the show" now thats real rap!


  • tif

    ok top 10 then

  • tb

    These sellout black men just sicken my stomach!

  • http://www.gravatar.com *FATABULOUS*

    @tb damn u goin hard dis mornin!!!!!!!

    Anyways Good mornin to da board especially my boo I Am LEGEND

  • Big Sister Cougar All Mite-tee - Behold THE GREEN AND GOLD!!!!

    She messed up when she got the boot from teh Cheetah Girls. But I guess you can only be cheetahlicious for so long until you move in to Cougarlicious

  • http://www.gravatar.com *FATABULOUS*

    Him and her favor

  • Thug Life

    First off…i don’t blame him but to me she looks like she has that dumb ho type look. uhh yeeaaahhh!

  • http://hildisfunkyfreshblog.blogspot.com/ HILDI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she cute

  • PURPPLE, just call me TADOW

    please, he’s just using her to get to Kim….

  • http://www.gravatar.com Beautiful

    what happened with her and the cheetah girls??

  • She 4 Real

    she looks like a brat doll.

  • ShutTheHellUp!

    @ Lucy

    I am really sick of you taking up precious top ten space to promote your wack @ass website. Get a life, a real job, and a F’ing ad in the Yellowpages!
    Oh I forgot…Good Morning:)

  • NitaBonita

    trey can hit me up lol! we r both from va too! but seriously ,adriene should stop hanging with kim k.

  • Sho-Nuff the Shogun of Harlem (The Meanest, Prettiest, Baddest Mofolo Down Around This Town)

    well if they are attracted to each other I see no reason why they shouldn’t hook up!!!

  • jb_1030 - Behold THE GREEN AND GOLD!!!!

    what happened with her and the cheetah girls??

    When she took those pictures and they leaked, she pretty much got the boot

  • Bee

    Cheetah Girls are over. Her contract was ending with them anyway. Besides all of them are too old be Cheetah girls in their 20’s. Get a clue people!!

  • pm

    Thats a good look for Mr Songs go for it

  • Luv-Lee

    Do you all remeber the tattoo that the other Cheeta Girl got? Its either stars or hearts all the way down her back? I know she gotta regret that!! That was another stupid and large tattoo. People gotta understand that tattoos stay with you FOREVER!!!! When you old its gonna look disgusting!!

  • uhhhhhduhhhh

    That message was about a twit pic she sent and he wasn’t even talking about her he was talking about her friend duhhhhhhhhhhh so get ur story right….

  • SoulJourneys622

    Adrienne is PR/Ecuadorian not white.

    Any way she did a risque photo shoot and ya’ll know Disney does not play…or does it because i know my daughter still gets Hannah Montana on that channel but that is another story…

    Finally, who cares if they do or don’t get together…where is the real gossip?

  • sexy

    Here go the black folks again, hating on interracial couples. Ya freakin bitter! bye.

  • sexy

    By the way Bailon is not a white girl, she’s LATINA. Aren’t they beautiful? hahahaha!

  • sexy

    You know why lots of black brothers date outside their race, well because black men themselves say black women are greedy as hell, lazy, they hate heavy….I didn’t say it, brothers did.

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