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Texas Rangers’ Coach Steps Down, Rumors Of Sex Assault Surface

Ron Washington, the coach of the Texas Rangers abruptly stepped down two weeks ago without any explanation. Now, he has finally addressed the media in a press conference, revealing an unspecified transgression of his wife’s trust — but insiders claim there are many more dark details to this story. Via MailOnline:

The former coach of the Texas Rangers quit over allegations that he sexually assaulted a reporter, it was claimed today.

Ron Washington is said to have stepped down before the claims come to light – as they are expected to in the coming weeks.

The allegations were made by The Scoop, a Texas-based sports blog run by its founder Jamie Kelly, a former Fox Sports journalist.

In her report Kelly said: ‘Washington’s sudden departure from the club was due to impending legal issues stemming from an alleged sexual assault of a reporter.’

She cited a ‘a source with knowledge of the situation’ but did not elaborate further in the short post.

MailOnline understands that there are only a handful of female reporters who cover the Rangers full time.

A spokeswoman for the North Texas District Attorney’s office, which covers the Dallas Fort Worth area, said she was ‘not aware’ of any investigation.

However the victim may not yet have come forward and spoken to police, meaning that prosecutors would not have spoken to her yet.

Kelly did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington broke his silence after abruptly resigning from the team two weeks ago by admitting he was unfaithful to his wife.

Washington. who attended a Dallas news conference with his wife Gerry at his side, said: ‘I was not true to my wife after 42 years. I broke her trust. I’m here today to own that mistake and apologize to her and those I disappointed.’

‘Today, I’m at a very low time in my life,’ said Washington as his wife Gerry, sat in a chair to the side of the podium with an attorney.

‘I’m sorry for breaking the trust that I had with my wife and for disappointing my players, for disappointing my coaches, for disappointing Major League Baseball and for disappointing the Texas Rangers.

‘All I ask is for your forgiveness and your understanding.’

‘This matter is certainly personal, and we’re trying hard to put it behind us,’ said Washington. ‘I was born to be a baseball player; I’m a baseball lifer.

‘The Rangers gave me a home and I’m thankful for that, and also thankful for the experience to have the opportunity to manage here in Texas. I look to the future and getting back in the game and continuing my career.’

His resignation earlier this month took effect immediately, with bench coach Tim Bogar stepping up as interim manager for the remainder of the season.

The New Orleans native had previously tested positive for cocaine during the 2009 season, and been subjected to random drug testing ever since, with then-team president Nolan Ryan deciding to keep him on as manager, even as he offered to leave the team.

He said at the time in a statement: ‘I have submitted my resignation from the job I love – managing the Rangers – in order to devote my full attention to addressing an off-the-field personal matter.’

SMH!! We’ll keep you posted on the details of this as we find out more…


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