Rihanna and Katy Perry Are BF’s Forever…

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Rihanna and Katy Perry are out in Barbados vacationing. Looks like both of the bikini wearing ladies are trying to get over relationships….supposedly. Rihanna’s body in that bikini looks fine, though, just fine.

Pop the hood and peep RiRi’s cake shots and some of her cheesing it up…

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  • ShayLyn

    Woot! Go Ri Ri im first right?!??!?!

  • lucy

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  • ShayLyn

    He he i was lol!

  • Nigga Said

    Rihanna has a cute lil boonkie. It suit her well.

  • me (the original)®

    Ri Ri ❤

    And to think about all the arguing and speculation regarding what she was doing last night. LMAO.

  • Eryca K

    Ri just living her life.

    There is healing after a beatdown.

  • Mrs. Foxx

    When does she EVA work? Not a concert, a clothing range (you’d think she’d think about that ohne – being a fashion icon and all) nothing!!!! just shopping, partying and vacation – shoooo that must really be some hard work you doing in the US RhiRhi… purleeez…

  • http://www.bossip.com Bajangirl

    Vacationing partying and shopping is out of a job.Who cares u see anyone running to her for autograph.No u people keep her in the U.S.

  • Back on My Swag

    @Ciara’s Wig – I agree

    It’s called taking a break…I think Bey can learn a lesson or two from Rhianna about having the fans MISS U some times…but still managing to stay in the public eye…

  • Back on My Swag


    No disrespect, but no one even knew what bajan was until Rhianna…you must admit she put Barbados on the map for main stream Americans, as well as British, French, hell she is even performing in Dubai!!

    These photos only increase interest in vacationing in Barbados, where most would only go to the Bahamas, Jamaica, or Cancun. I actally looked into taking a trip there…it looks beautiful(in Rhianna’s pictures) and it is actually less expensive than Jamaica…

    Isn’t tourism one of the main souces of your economy?

  • PURPPLE, just call me TADOW

    the only thing ive ever been jealous of in my life is Rihanna’s wardrobe…she is my height and everything..jeezus! i need all the monies!

  • http://www.bossip.com samantha

    @back on my swag.Barbados was on the map before Rihanna was born.So as all other countries

  • http://www.bossip.com shanika

    @back on my swag don’t all countries suppose to be on a map.


    lol @ Rihanna making Kate look dirty

  • http://www.gravatar.com Beautiful

    IDK y I’m just starting to get annoyed by her lol

  • http://www.bossip.com Bajangirl

    @back on my swag Oh please give me break she put Barbados on the map what.The only people who lash onto her are old folks and government.Barbados was always on the map and we had Tourism.

  • brooklyn kid


  • http://www.k.com noelle

    She is really pretty, it is sad what Chris is missing

  • http://thumbsnap.com/v/hJSxpF6W.jpg mz.cee ♥

    …damn, damn, damn, just wish I was at that beach right now, thats all!

  • aight

    Awww shes trying to replace Chris with Katy. Good Luck wit dat.

  • http://dicooper.spaces.live.com/ DICooper

    Rihanna is looking all dope and super fine.

    They better never let me meet her.

  • Lady Next Door

    Katy Perry. I love her music. I’m glad these two are friends!

  • K-mia

    Im really starting to like Rihanna, im late.

  • http://www.mockrockstar.com Brooke: The Chocolate Godess (Mizz Virginia)

    Goddamit I love Katy Perry {but she is looking a bit off in these photos}. Don’t worry boo, Travis is a fool for leaving you. lol.

  • Back on My Swag


    Of course all countries, states and cities are on a map…r u trying to “funny”, cause I don’t get dry humor..

    Anyway, when I lived in NY there are many, many bajans and I always said they were the loudest on the Parkway(Labor Day Parade on Eastern Parkway)

    HOWEVER, I live in Virginia now, and no one here knew or gave a f&ck about a Barbados. It was all about Jamaica, Cancun, USVI/Bahamas, or Hawaii for some carribean/tropical fun…(Unless there was a black festival somewhere else)

    However since Lisaraye became first lady of T&C and Rhianna started showing pics of Barbados, alot of people have added Barbados and T&C as places they would like to visit. My sister-n-law is a travel agent and she said that before Rhianna she sold NO trips to Barbados…again she lives here in Norfolk, VA

    Similar to many folks in Barbados probably don’t know sh*t about Norfolk/VA ….because you mainly hear about Miami, NY, CA, Vegas and maybe Atlanta, Georgia.

    Please don’t be mad that you are from one of the less desired islands….that no one wanted to visit except old white people or Bajan-transplants…

    I couldn’t tell you ANOTHER famous person from Barbados if you gave me a million dollars…so quick with the jokes, ma!!! Give up…

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