Tammy Rivera Says Joseline Attacked Her Because She's Insecure

Sit Down Ho: LHHATL’s Tammy Rivera Says Joseline Hernandez Attacked Her Because She’s Insecure And Jealous!

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Is Joseline jealous of Tammy?

Tammy Rivera Says Joseline Attacked Her Because She’s Insecure

Tammy Rivera is no more a fan of Joseline Hernandez than the Puerto Rican Princess is of the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” newbie, but Tammy still had a hard time understanding why Joseline felt the need to physically attack her during the show’s reunion.

Via S2S Magazine reports:

“LHHATL” viewers know that the two tried to forge a friendship, but things quickly went left when Joseline tried to school Tammy on how to get a real rock, and not just a tattoo on her ring finger. Feeling like shade may have been thrown, Tammy asked Joseline’s one-time romantic rival Mimi Faust about the comment. After learning about Tammy’s sidebar conversation, Joseline was not pleased, and any hope of a friendship between the two was done. However, Tammy said their little tiff didn’t warrant the violent reaction she received from Joseline.

“Everyone saw from the season, me and Joseline’s beef was never that serious. It was not that serious for her to want to try to hit me for a conversation that happened months ago. You called me a broke b*tch; I called you a bum b*tch,” Tammy told VH1. “That was that.”

According to Tammy, Joseline’s behavior was unreasonable, and she questioned whether Joseline was fueled by jealousy or something even more potent.

“We never had any interaction. I’ve never seen this girl, never called this girl. We never bumped heads. There was never communication between us. Ever. That’s why it was either some type of drug, or she had so much envy sitting in her, for her to come attack me like that. What did I do to her? I never did anything to her,” said Tammy who’s dealt with envious women before.

“For a woman to feel that they have to attack other women or come for other women, it’s because you really are insecure about yourself,” said Tammy.

After the altercation, Tammy said she was too upset to speak to husband Waka Flocka Flame because she didn’t really want to attend the reunion show without him. Rasheeda’s husband Kirk Frost was there to have Tammy’s back, but with men throwing blows everywhere, Waka isn’t too pleased with how things went down in his absence.

“I can’t tell you if he runs into that man what’s gonna happen,” Tammy said. “That’s something I don’t get involved with. You understand what I’m saying? When Waka feels as though he has to protect his family, you can’t tell a man, just like you can’t tell your husband or your brother, ‘Nevermind I’m good.’ They not trying to hear that.”

Joseline might want to watch her back!



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